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  1. [ubuntu] Re: ZoneMinder ZMU: Error, failed to get channel 0 attributes: Invalid argument

    have the same issue...
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    Re: Post your .conkyrc files w/ screenshots

    Install povray from the repos, get the sundial.pov -example, read a bit in the povray-doc in order to create a sunlike lightsource and include that one.
    create a script which executes povray like...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How to: Karmic Koala on Acer 1410 / 1810T/ 1810TZ

    13 - so far without any issues, thx again @ Patrick!
  4. [ubuntu] Re: How to: Karmic Koala on Acer 1410 / 1810T/ 1810TZ

    gracias, think I'm trying vid 13 on su7300.
    strange though, that the fids are not in order in phc_controls:
    70:25 6:15 136:13
  5. [ubuntu] Re: How to: Karmic Koala on Acer 1410 / 1810T/ 1810TZ

    Hmmmm, I think on another forum I saw a post of you stating that you are running an undervolted kernel:

    Maybe you could post the voltage-values you use, so that we have a first guess.

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    Re: Grand Theft Auto IV - Results so far.

    Hey Guys,

    even if it seems to be a hard job, I think it is a nice idea to make it possible running GTA 4 on Linux.
    One of the biggest problems seems to be this DirectX-issue to me, I think you...
  7. [gnome] Re: How to disable the Gnome panel completely?


    sudo mv /usr/bin/gnome-panel /usr/bin/gnome-panel.bak
    killall gnome-panel

  8. Re: HOWTO : install and use the open-afs client [dapper]

    ...warm up...


    I have exactly the same problem as Luggy and lamnk.
    After surfing around I found this thread and was quite lucky to be able to compile the module.
    But this error

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