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    Re: Zoneminder configuration issue

    Just a quick update.

    I've manually added the /tmp/zm folder and given www-data read/write permissions to it, but it didn't help.
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    Zoneminder configuration issue


    I had a working Zoneminder setup on12.04 LTS and decided it would be a good idea to upgrade to 14.04. It was not such a good idea!

    After upgrading I found that my video capture card drivers...
  3. Re: Zoneminder - 2 capture cards, but only 1 records

    OK, so this is sort of solved, but I don't know why.

    I ended up removing and re-installing Zoneminder, and now all cameras will record.

    I would have preferred to know what the issue was, but at...
  4. Zoneminder - 2 capture cards, but only 1 records


    I have a zoneminder installation running on a headless 12.04 server with two capture cards installed.

    One card (BT878) allows me to view live images and record them, the other card (TW68)...
  5. Re: Set brightness level on video capture (Zoneminder)

    I've managed to work out the syntax for ZMU and that seems to have an effect on the cameras, so it looks like that's the way to go rather than trying to adjust the tw68 settings.

    I worked out that...
  6. Set brightness level on video capture (Zoneminder)


    I have a couple of black & white cameras connected to a four channel video capture card which has the Techwell (TW68) chipset.

    I'm using this in a Zoneminder CCTV setup.

    The problem is...
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