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  1. Re: How important do you think gaming is to Ubuntu's success?

    I as a gamer can tell you, its the only reason my pc has windows, i have my work pc with ubuntu on it, but when i buy a game, i just want to unbox, install, play, with no hassles. This IS the only...
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    [all variants] Re: VIA Chrome9 Beta Driver Released! WOOT!

    Thank you so much for this!
    i am new to linux and couldnt find the solution to this, and not good with english and had a hard time finding out how to formulate the question

    again, Thanks!
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    [ubuntu] Compiz Crash after Update

    Hello everyone!
    i apologize for my english.:)
    sorry if this post doesnt go here, i wasnt really sure, so if it doesnt sorry!

    Today i made an update to ubuntu 8.04, i had compiz enabled.
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