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  1. Thread: Krack

    by yoshii

    [all variants] Re: Krack

    Thanks for posting up this info.
    This was a rather important issue.
    I'm glad if it got fixed already.
    I too read the BBC article about the vulnerability.
    It was frustrating because most...
  2. Thread: Default Audio

    by yoshii

    Re: Default Audio

    Personally, I use 48 kHz 32-bit float for composing and saving files. Then when I transcode to other formats, it's usually 48 kHz 16-bit. A lot more hardware is now 24-bit, so 24-bit is not unusual...
  3. Re: Programm has no fonts, Play on Linux and Winetricks show different versions

    All I know is that you can put .ttf (true type fonts) into the c:\Windows\Fonts folder which is located within "/home/yourusername/.wine/drive_c/windows/Fonts/"

    If there's nothing in there, that's...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Which laptops are compatible with Ubuntu?

    I only use used HP computers, but I admit that from time to time sometimes I can't get the DVD-ROMs to work at all. It depends upon the distribution version, I think. For example, 14.04 LTS worked...
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    [all variants] Re: Ubuntu 16.04/16.04/17.10 crashes

    it could be a hardware problem. did you check the sha checksum of the downloaded .ISO to make sure the file wasn't corrupt?
  6. Re: Is the internet prejudiced against the elderly?

    A lot of conformists copy MS Windows GUI design. It's really awful.
    But I personally like a lot of dark high contrast GUI designs.
    Thank goodness for customizeable inferfaces... one of the...
  7. Poll: Re: Share with us your Artful (17.10) Upgrade and Installation Experiences

    Fresh install of Xubuntu on an old HP EliteBook with both NVIDIA and Intel hardware components.
    Pretty much everything went OK. Only issue was needing to be in user home directory when installing...
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    Re: Anybody dual booting Debian and Ubuntu?

    Thanks for the replies. It's odd and almost interesting how so many of us get such widely different results.
    I had an extremely horrible time with the Debian so-called graphical installer. It...
  9. Re: I am getting “windows on malware” behavior when browsing on firefox

    I've been having the same problems as you, john. The problems for me began right after one of the major FireFox updates, I think it was version 54, but I'm not sure.
    I know it was the version...
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    Anybody dual booting Debian and Ubuntu?

    I'm currently in the process of fixing up a fresh Debian install.
    Is anybody dual booting Debian and Ubuntu?

    What are your experiences with Debian?
    How do you feel about the similarieties...
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    Re: Wine won't run, "Permission Denied"

    don't trigger wine directly.
    on first run, instead, run this:


    this is the Wine Configuration / preferences menus.
    It will help you to set up Wine better for other programs and...
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    Re: Ubuntu support sites

    What you said makes sense.
    Personally, when I am trying to get an answer to a technical problem, I search as many relevant websites as I can, regardless of what type they are.
    I find that the Q...
  13. Re: , thank you for keeping 32 bit alive for Lubuntu

    Thanks for clarifications. There are probably a lot of people worldwide who use systems that might not be 32-bit yet still require 32-bit libraries, for example some WINE stuff.
    I am one of those...
  14. Re: Linux Standard Base adoption/development in the Linux Community

    This is pretty much why I distro hop; to try and figure out which tools are better than others. Nobody seems to have all the best stuff in one spot.
    But distrowatch at least describes the...
  15. Thread: How to get wine

    by yoshii

    Re: How to get wine

    has the most information and the most up to date info.
    the ubuntu sources tend to be a bit slower and older.
    but there are mutliple choices. winehq has those choices for...
  16. [all variants] Re: Can ssh-agent be safely removed? (basic 'buntu use, nothing special)

    Hey thanks ajgreeny.
    I went ahead and removed all the ssh stuff on my system. The agent, and openssh-client. I never intend to turn my computer into a server. It also removed snapd, but nothing...
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    Re: Web Extensions & Firefox

    One funny thing I learned...

    If you use a User-Agent Extension AddOn to modify your User-Agent string, you can download and install older AddOns than FireFox would otherwise allow. Just backtrack...
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    Re: Well That was nice!

    Yeah, I can relate. Earlier today I upgraded Wine-staging and did a few normal security updates and now my Xubuntu partially crashes on boot, some kind of udev thing, and then the wifi isn't...
  19. Re: Loud pop from external speakers on shutdown/reboot and startup

    bucky ball is right about the order of shutdown.
    that's how recording studios do it to protect the speakers.
  20. [all variants] Can ssh-agent be safely removed? (basic 'buntu use, nothing special)

    I am wondering if the ssh-agent service can be removed on a typical 'buntu system.
    I have noticed that it is set to run by default and is always running unless I specifically kill it and/or...
  21. Re: BleachBit corrupts Firefox and possibly more

    Yeah, it's the autoremove. I use BleachBit also, and I also had issues with that.
    I also had issues with apt-get asking to do autoremove for me. I never accept that dare because it lists files I...
  22. [Arch Linux] Re: Custom Grub for Arch in multi-boot system that is maintenance free

    Hey thanks for the info. I'm wondering if this will come in handy for trying to get Manjaro to dual boot with Xubuntu better. I haven't tried that yet, but I have read on the Manjaro forums that...
  23. Thread: Arch vs Ubuntu

    by yoshii

    Re: Arch vs Ubuntu

    I agree with this very much.
    I enjoy trying out different distros just for fun and to stay educated.
    Some might call it distro-hopping, but I'm learning a lot along the way.
    It's really just...
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    Re: Unetbootin NEVER works

    That was not the case with me.
    I'm glad it worked for you. For me, I tried to restore a downloaded Lubuntu .ISO to a flash drive (without any special partitions, just a typical FAT32 formatted...
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    Re: Unetbootin NEVER works

    Thanks for the link to Etcher.
    I recently tried the gnome-disks technique on a flash drive and it looked like it worked, but in actuality it created an unreadable partition on part of the drive...
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