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    Re: BIG partition problems :/

    As the second screenshot says: the NTFS partition is inconsistent; please run 'chkdsk /f' to repair it.

    As a general reminder, use windows tools on windows partition, and linux tool on linux...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Purpose of ubuntu-18.04.4-desktop-amd64.{manifest,list,metalink}

    Download protocols
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to install Ubuntu 20.04

    is /dev/sda been previously formated ? which kind of installation is it ?
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    Re: How to develop app in Linux?

    install 'synaptic' + 'apt-xapian-index' to know about the descriptions/dependencies/analogs search ):P
  5. Re: Upgrade Ubuntu on an already Partioned Drive

    If your 18.04 is clean (no ppa / external sources), then you can edit /etc/apt/sources.list and changing the entries for focal (that's what i do most of the time)
    If you have installed ppa/external...
  6. Re: Trying to change group ownership of a drive

    adapt with your own specs: sudo chown -R user:user /path/to/folder for linux ones
    or follow to build a share
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    Re: cron logrotate error

    fail2ban.sock might be one of these non-shared postrotate script
  8. [ubuntu] Re: [20.04] GNOME Activities does not show all files during search

    By default some entries are hidden, use ctrl+h to unhide them
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    Re: music folder owner is root

    As 'music' is a windows folder, follow to easily deal with these
  10. Re: How i fixed this problem? ( Started gnome display manager. Dispatcher Service ...

    There is nothing to fix here :p
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Difficulties connecting the UGEE M708 Tablet On Ubuntu 20.04

    Glance at 'journalctl -b ' warnings (yellow) and errors (red) output; maybe it miss a driver or lib
  12. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 - desktop icons gone (i.e. trash, home/files)

    I have also changed the background on my system, but did not got icon issue. What haapen when you set back the initial background ?
    Glancing at 'journalctl -b' might help knowing about warnings...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lags on my laptop

    GTX 1050 needs the 440 driver installed from the ubuntu archive; if you have installed it from a third source, then purge it first.
    Be sure you are using 'nvidia' driver, but not 'nouveau' ;...
  14. Re: Problem installing the lastest version of ubuntu

    This is a 'usb' issue: tell us how you are trying to do that installation. Is it via a usb stick ? a builtin usb ? an external device ?
  15. Re: Change to please gnome-shell-extension-weather load with Focal & up

    Actual prefs.js is buggy on Focal:

    when clicking on temp icon, then hitting the bottom right icon of the opened temp box, get these errors:

    TypeError: this.location_length_spin is null

  16. Thread: Screen flicker

    by dino99

    [ubuntu] Re: Screen flicker

    From a terminal,run 'journalctl -b' to know about warnings(yellow lines) and errors (red lines)
    And tell us which ubuntu it is, which graphic card/chip/driver is used
  17. Re: Change to please gnome-shell-extension-weather load with Focal & up

    I have used 'copy file contents' icon on top right side of

    then erased...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Upgrading to 20.04: Cannot create space

    Apt is locked, that is the problem
    Be sure to close other updating tools (synaptic, update manager,software...)
  19. [ubuntu] Re: why is my /home directory filling up on it's own?

    I'm sure you are able to find those huge files by glancing at /home and its subdirs ;)
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    Re: Random Freezes: New Install

    When a user get problem with its install, the first thing to do is glancing at the output of 'journalctl -b' run from a terminal: pay attention to warnings (yellow lines) and errors (red lines (the...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Can't boot --> /dev/sda8 contains a file system with errors, check forced.

    How have you made that 18.04 installation ?
    fsck is not a linux command, but a windows one ;)

    and if you takes the risk of doing a partial upgrade, be sure to understand what that means;...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: uninstalling one of the two version applications via terminal

    Such request has already been asked many times, like:
  23. Re: After changing to ubuntu (gnome) over kubuntu (kde), Chrome not working

    If you want/need testing a new DE, then do a separate installation. Never mix them; you now know the result. ;)
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    Re: New install not found

    Seems you have two disks; and installed Mate on one. I suppose there is already an other os on the other disk, with its own grub, which might be the master one; so needs to reinstall it for...
  25. Re: Change to please gnome-shell-extension-weather load with Focal & up

    HI Curts

    follow the same steps but within prefs.js to fix the icon issue ):P
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