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  1. vsftpd file "resume" cmds_allowed not working

    I'm having troubles getting file "resume" working. I understand the way to enable it is to allow the APPE command. At least that's how older discussions read. When I add a "cmds_allowed" my FTP...
  2. Re: Ubuntu 12.04 crashes my Brother HL-1470N printer

    I tried making changes like that without any luck. I don't recall if I tried exactly what you mentioned above, but I ended up giving up on both Ubuntu for the desktop OS and dumping the printer. ...
  3. Ubuntu 12.04 crashes my Brother HL-1470N printer

    This is very odd. I have had our Brother HL-1470N LASER network printer for a very long time and it has always worked fine from Windows. I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop to make the switch...
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