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    [ubuntu] Re: Suspend to RAM broken after Kernel update

    bump, found by google search.
  2. Poll: Re: Petition: Add ProjectM to the repositories

    23meg: Will do. I've never looked much into launchpad.

    ubukool: I have compiled it myself. It's just better that it's in the package system so that other users don't have to all compile it and...
  3. Poll: Petition: Add ProjectM to the repositories

    Someone should add projectM to the repos. It's by far the best visualization available for linux and should work well. I would do it, but I don't really have time or experience.
  4. Thread: ubuntu mockup

    by jordoex

    Re: ubuntu mockup

    Damn, that's a nice window decoration theme! Although the navigation icons are a bit big and ugly, you could just go with tango on those. I might steal that idea and make it into a Kwin theme(made...
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    Poll: Re: Alternate/New Kubuntu Logo Idea

    Due to popular demand, I added new versions with the spacing in between straightened and a version with rounded corners.
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    Poll: Alternate/New Kubuntu Logo Idea

    Soo, I designed an alternate Kubuntu logo and posted it on KDE-Look. I want to know what you all think!!!
  7. Re: Really Simple Question regarding system() in c++

    Wow, i can't believe it. 4 posts and none of you came up with the solution. I figured it out myself about a half hour after I posted. All I have to do is system(command >> outputfile)

    And I'm...
  8. Really Simple Question regarding system() in c++

    I haven't programmed a thing in c++ before, im making a automated cd ripper. How do I get the output of a command using system()?
    I've only used Java and their APIs are much more useful.
  9. Re: Microsoft, Global warming, and what you guys think


    That's because Window$ copyrighted the word 'Windows' when apple was already using the word windows to describe their desktop enviroment and they kept on using it. Apple is stealing...
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    Re: Ode to kde-core.. a faster KDE

    kde-core is also faster and much more complete than even xubuntu desktop, especially since you have more control over what fancy stuff you have enabled. I'm running it very well on my P2 128 MB.
  11. Kubunutu Live CD runs on Pentium 2 with 128 MB RAM!!!!!

    I am simply amazed at myself. I ran Smart Boot Manager because i was going to reinstall windows 98 (ethernet card wasn't detected in XU Edgy) and then reinstall Xubuntu 6.06 or 6.10 to have a dual...
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    Re: HOWTO Create a Bootdisk for Ubuntu (on WinXP)

    This is slightly superior to the wiki docs because you said to use NTrawrite, whereas the wiki says to use regular rawrite and in the NTrawrite readme, it describes the problems with regular rawrite....
  13. Re: How to search for files in Xubuntu / XFCE with just Thunar and a Bash script

    This should automatically be in Xubuntu, instead of having to config a script.
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