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  1. [xubuntu] after upgrading to xubuntu 19.10 screen turns blank after playing video or games

    I upgraded xubuntu from 19.04 to 19.10 and this bug appeared. It works fine for a while, but if I play a movie or a video game, the screen eventually turns blank. Not instantaneously, but after...
  2. [xubuntu] after upgrading to 191.0 screen turns black after playing video or games

    I upgraded xubuntu from 19.04 to 19.10 and this bug arised. If I play a movie or a video game, the screen eventually turns black. Not instantaneously, but after 90 minutes or 2 hours. This never...
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    [xubuntu] cannot access ubuntuforums with hexchat

    after upgrading to 19.10 64 bits hexchat stopped working. I can run it, but if I try to access the ubuntu channel, it cycles with:

    * Looking up
    * Unknown host. Maybe you...
  4. [xubuntu] 2 SSDs, my notebook fails to autostart some applications correctly

    I have a notebook from Taiwanese manufacturer clevo. It has 2 slots for SSD. I have:

    one Samsung SSD 860 PRO
    one Samsung 960 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD

    I boot xubuntu 19.04 from the Samsung SSD 860 PRO....
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    [xubuntu] Video editing (Xubuntu 19.04)

    Admin, relocate if needed. Thanks!

    Im editing a video. I don't need to change its quality, fps' or the audio stream.

    I only want to get rid of 30 seconds at the beginning and 40 at the end of...
  6. [xubuntu] data forensics with 2 luks encrypted hdd

    I hope you understand what I mean:

    A person I know formatted the wrong usb stick and important passphrases are now lost. My best bet to find the passphrases is data forensics with a SSD and a HDD...
  7. [xubuntu] Making an image of a full SSD into a HDD in a computer with 2 slots

    So, I have a 512GB SSD I need to image to analyze with testdisc or photorec (Im looking for a text file). My plan is to buy a 512GB HHD for the remaining slot, make a full image of the SSD into the...
  8. [xubuntu] testdisk used, any other option to try and recover data?


    I managed to run testdisk on an image I made in my computer. With this command

    sudo testdisk damaged-usb.img

    the INTEL partition and the advanced option the BS was reconstructed ans...
  9. [xubuntu] sleuthkit and data recovery (post somewhere else if needed)


    A usb stick (8GB) was accidentally made into a live usb (xubuntu 1.3GB). Before the catastrophic event in the usb there was:

    1. The ISO copy of Xubuntu 17.04 64 bits, the last addition to...
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    sudo bruteforce-luks returns

    sudo bruteforce-luks -t 1 -l 20 -m 27 /dev/sda returns
    Error: either /dev/sda is not a valid LUKS volume, or you don't have permission to access it.

    /dev/sda is a luks partition.I made it 2...
  11. [xubuntu] recover lost luks passphrase or recover data from a formatted usb stick


    chances of success are slim...

    A friend formatted an usb stick I had as a backup with passphrases for all my encrypted hdds. Now im with encrypted hdds but no passphrases. As I see it I...
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