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    [SOLVED] Re: Channels Me-TV Ubuntu 10.10

    Updated to latest ppa version of me-tv and then selected Auto Scan option when scanning for channels fixed the problem
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    [SOLVED] Channels Me-TV Ubuntu 10.10

    I am running ubuntu 10.10 and have previously used me-tv and not had a problem getting all the channels

    But on ubuntu 10.10 and metv version 13.11 some of my channels have not picked up when i run...
  3. [ubuntu] create a channels.conf (Austrlia QLD Wide Bay)

    I am trying to watch TV through VLC but it does not recognise my channels.conf file

    I have two channels.conf i have tried. One i got the info from the link below
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.04 drops internet connection

    I recently setup mynetfone for my parents and also upgraded Ubuntu 8.10 on there PC to 9.04. The Internet connection is dropping out after say 20 minutes.

    This was not happng in Ubuntu 8.10 when...
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    Using ubuntu at work pc support

    I have been running ubuntu for over 12 months at home for mythtv mainly. I work on a helpdesk doing pc support and I have just installed a virtualbox vm running ubuntu a 9.04 there has been a couple...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: / root partition showing 100% in disk usage analylyzer

    mythtv recordings /va/lib/mythtv/recordings

    disk analyzer screen dump attached
  7. [ubuntu] / root partition showing 100% in disk usage analylyzer

    When i scan all folders im disk analyzer z displays 100% useage

    How ever when i run df -h i get the below output

    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sda6 ...
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    [ubuntu] Thai website not working

    I am wanting to re format my windows pc that my wife uses to ubuntu but she listens to the internet radio but it only seems to play in internet explorer think it uses shockwave
  9. [ubuntu] Looking for ubuntu alternative to cdrlabel

    Looking for a Linux alternative to cdrlabel i use

    it to read the directory names and automatically do up front CD Cover as seen on the right hand side of the the...
  10. [ubuntu] What alternatives are there to Compiz for Slower Systems Semron 3000+

    I am wanting to make my Ubuntu Desktop 7.10 a little nicer on the GUI. Is there alternatives to Beryl Compiz as my system runs a little slow when I have that turned on

  11. [ubuntu] mytharchive export to DVD not working (DVDs not playing)

    Ubuntu Version: 7.10 Gutsy

    MythTV Version: 0.20.200708-21-1 14283

    recently when I export a recording with mytharchive to DVD the DVD's are no longer playing in DVD players. it says the...
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