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  1. Re: How install driver or enable support for generic USB game controller ?

    Actually, game controllers of all kind are handled by the HID (Human Interface Devices) system. You should find a device file for a connected pad or joystick in /dev/input/js[0-9]. To check whether...
  2. Re: Have any software control monitor settings available in Ubuntu ?

    As somebody who uses ddccontrol to switch the input of my external monitor back and forth between my laptop and my Raspberry Pi and has played around with gddccontrol a bit I can tell you that it...
  3. Re: Can you run bash script on the startup as systemctl?

    There's a discrepancy between the two snippets you posted. Is it



    If it's the former, then it's kind of obvious: 203 is 'can't execute this' either because the file isn't there or it's...
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    Re: Help with GParted

    Look at the mount point of sda5. sda5 is mounted as the root of your file system tree. You can't unmount the root - you wouldn't have a filesystem left. You have to boot a live system and run gparted...
  5. Re: What software to use for making a booting USB ?

    If you want a tool with a graphical UI then either Balena Etcher will work. Otherwise dd can do it. Something like

    sudo dd if=path_and_name_of_iso_file of=/dev/device_file_for_usb_flash_drive...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Serving apache from home...?

    '/etc/apache2/sites-enabled/' is a directory full of symbolic links to configuration files stored in '/etc/apache2/sites-available/'. So you basically create a configuration for your site in...
  7. Re: Veracrypt: - No such file or directory.

    According to that library is in the package 'libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5'. A simple 'sudo apt install libwxgtk3.0-gtk3-0v5' will install it. If you had installed the veracrypt deb-file...
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    [ubuntu] Re: A problem with my CD/DVD writer

    Have you checked that you are a member of the group 'cdrom' ? If you look at the permissions for the CD drive ('ls -l /dev/sr0') you'll see it's owned by root and members of the group cdrom are...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Why is this failing?

    ACLs are probably not the problem since they always correspond to the permission bits (see "man 5 acl", section "CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN ACL ENTRIES AND FILE PERMISSION BITS"). In general ACLs are...
  10. Re: Which flavour and settings for an elderly person

    +1 to ajgreeny's recommendation of XUbuntu. Three features which - to me - make XFCE very nice:

    You can set a keyboard shortcut for finding the mouse cursor. Hit that key and concentric rings...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: LibreOffice Writer multi OS formatting problems

    The problem is mostly with the docx format. While this format is officially an ISO standard, it's so complex (the description of the standard is supposed to be more then 6000 pages according to...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Old games with cd audio tracks

    This is a game from 1997. Back at that time it was very common for the CD drive to be connected directly to the sound card with a short cable. A program would just tell the drive to go to a track and...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Variety Wallpaper Changer - still maintained?

    A PPA is a Personal Package Archive. Basically Canonical offers developers and packagers a place to put their work. Since they can't constantly check all PPAs and guarantee the packages to work as...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Easy to use drawing tablet

    No, what I've got is a 'Perixx Peritab 301'. That's a rebranded Waltop tablet according to its USB ID. It's more or less compatible with a Wacom tablet. Might not have been from ALDI after all, ALDI...
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    [lubuntu] Re: Easy to use drawing tablet

    Most - if not all - graphics tablets are not pressure sensitive at all. The pressure sensor is in the pen so you can forget about the idea of using a biro on such a device. I've got a cheap tablet...
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    Re: Ventoy persistent storage

    You might want to read the documentation for Ventoy plugins, especially the persistence plugin. You basically create an image-file for the file system you want to use for the persistent data, put it...
  17. Re: Tab opening on new window is slowly driving me crazy...

    That's my understanding of the situation, yes. It might be possible to make some settings through 'gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad settingname settingvalue', but since I don't...
  18. Re: Local keeps redirecting to https: :-(

    Have you checked the settings of your browser ? In Firefox you'll find the https-only mode at the very bottom of about:preferences#privacy . If this mode is on FF will upgrade any connection to https...
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    Re: can't see videos online

    You should remove the jonathonf PPA again since it only contains packages for the previous two LTS releases (16.04 and 18.04). This PPA is meant for users of older Ubuntu versions who want the same...
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    [ubuntu] Re: setting 'eu' keymap?

    You might want to take a look at the FAQ page, more specifically the fifth question.

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    [SOLVED] Re: can't kill pcmanfm

    No, he means it can't be ignored. SIGKILL ends a process. Period. If the process was writing or changing a file, that file will in all probability be damaged beyond repair. If that process was a game...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu software showing: Unable to install PlayOnLinux as not supported

    Try installing from the command line using apt (sudo apt install playonlinux). It might not work, but if it doesn't it will give you a more detailed error message.

  23. Re: Firefox 91 - GUI changed again - whitespace in menus.

    The (built-in) browser tools allow you to select elements of the UI and get the CSS-rules that govern their look. Call them either from 'Extras' in the menu or hit 'ctrl-shift-alt-i'. For example the...
  24. Re: Internal mic and webcam stopped working

    The microphone on a Bluetooth headset is a completely different issue. There are two different profiles for audio over Bluetooth - a2dp (advanced audio distribution protocol) for high(er) quality...
  25. Re: Tab opening on new window is slowly driving me crazy...

    If you're using Wayland, configuring the touchpad through xinput is not going to be very useful because you're only configuring the X11 emulation layer of Wayland and programs that talk to Wayland...
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