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  1. Thread: Update error

    by malic2

    [Zorin] Update error

    My OS is Zorin-lite, I keep getting the following errors when I run an update... and the update stops. Please assist.

    ''W: GPG error: trusty Release: The following...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: HP G7000 laptop facing a couple of wireless issues

    I have the same laptop... but with Lubuntu. What's your experience with Xubuntu?

    My internal speakers and DVD drive are spoilt... ever had any replacements?
  3. Re: Saidia Tafadhali - Files on Orange's MF 192 Black Modem

    Majameni, Please help me... I need to get the Orange interface in linux. I can only do so, once I load the modules in the files, in the linux folder, that comes with the dongle.

    I remember someone...
  4. Saidia Tafadhali - Files on Orange's MF 192 Black Modem

    My modem seems to be corrupted and I can't access the files. Anybody kind enough to upload them for me? Tafadhali
  5. Replies

    ZTE MF192 Orange Modem Linux files

    So glad I 'bumped' into this KE chapter.):P

    Been searching for a while now, for the LINUX Installation files, found in the Black ZTE MF192 Orange modem. Mine seem corrupted. Need this, after an...
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