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    Re: Will Unity kill Ubuntu? A message for Canonical

    There is always Fedora, OpenSUSE or may other distros. The Ubuntu desktop evolves and I don't think Unity will kill a great distro like Ubuntu. I've tried Unity in the netbook release and it's...
  2. [xubuntu] Re: Adding applets to GDM panel, is it possible?

    At least in Xubuntu Xfce 10.10, go up to your top panel (Panel 1 on my box), right click, "+ Add New Items", go to "Launcher" and add the name, a quick description and the command for you app. I...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: udevd(79) worker failed to accept message

    this code fixed the udevd boot error on my Mini 9 with Xbuntu 10.10 Xfce

    echo FRAMEBUFFER=y | sudo tee /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash

    sudo update-initramfs -u

    Good Luck !!!
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    [other] Re: New Laptop, what to buy

    If you want to run Ubuntu or other Linux, you got to check out

    Good prices and no Windoz tax!

    I have a Dell Mini 9 but when I kill it, System76 for me..
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    [ubuntu] Re: how to connect wireless in ubuntu netbook

    I have a Dell Mini 9 and I almost always have to plug it into my wired network to add and install the restricted driver for the built-in Broadcom wireless in the Mini 9.

    Check System/Additional...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: udevd(79) worker failed to accept message

    Getting this udevd error message on boot on my Dell Mini 9 (Xubuntu 10.10.1 Xfce) also! I am looking for a solution, will advise if I find one.
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    [kubuntu] Re: Kubuntu Netbook Remix w/ KDE 4.5.1 ?

    I will try kubuntu-10.04.1-netbook on my Dell Mini 9 and try loading KDE 4.5.1

    KDE 4.5.1 Kubuntu 10.04 packages are available in the backports repository, but they are not officially supported as...
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    [SOLVED] Dell Mini 9 Boot Hang (10.04 UNR)

    Dell Mini 9 Boot Hang
    Dell Mini 9 Boot Hang

    Running Ubuntu 10.04 UNR (Ubuntu Netbook Release) on my Dell Mini 9. Every time I booted up, Grub2 would hang right before the logon screen...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Just a little hesitation....

    Try an Ubuntu live CD and see if you like it. If not a dual boot system is not too difficult, just be sure you do not overright your Windows data when you partition on install.

    Ubuntu (Linux)...
  10. [other] Re: Ultimate lightweight ubuntu/google netbook

    I'm running #! Crunchbang Linux on my Dell Mini 9 (32gb SDD and 2 gb RAM) and it runs GREAT.
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    [all variants] Re: Distro for OLD Machine

    I have been loving #! Cruchbang Linux lately - based on Ubuntu with the simple Openbox desktop. It flys on my Dell Mini 9.
  12. Re: How long did it take you to adjust to Ubuntu after switching from Windows?

    Not long, I can't affored Micro$oft anymore and I hate "secret - proprietary" software. FOSS rules. Got Kubuntu 9.04 on the Dell Mini 9 and it rocks.
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    [kubuntu] Re: KUbuntu Netbook Remix?

    I'm running "plain" Kubuntu 9.04 on my Dell Mini 9, 32GB SSD, 2GB RAM and it runs great, after a few updates and tweeks.
    I tried Alpha KDE 9.10 but it was a bit too wiggy for me. :)
  14. Who need the MS Headache ?? Go Ubuntu !

    Enough to make me dump MS XP on my CF-72 Toughbook. After Ubuntu/Kubuntu who needs virus checkers, defraggers, and all the utilities for MS Windows. I checked on Vista awhile back for a laugh,...
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    Re: Windows vs. Linux, I don't think so..

    I've run MS Windows since a 386 was a hot machine and Ubuntu since 5.04. Looked a Vista Ultimate package the other day (yes it did burn my hands) and it was about $240 of course then you need MS...
  16. Re: Old/crappy pc/laptop users, come chat and share here!

    I use a older Panasonic Toughbook 72, Pentium-4 1.6GHz, 13.3" XGA TFT active matrix LCD. 7686MB SDRAM memory, 30GB hard disk drive, running Kubuntu 8.04, Puppy Linux 400 and Win XP only when I have...
  17. Poll: Re: What kind of portable audio player do you have?

    Open Source always rules! Now if I could get my CD player in my truck to play Ogg files (next hardware upgrade)

  18. Poll: Re: What kind of portable audio player do you have?

    I use a the Sansa e240 with a 2GB MicroSD card, I also use (open Source) RockBox and it works great! I can even play micro Doom on the Sansa ;)

    RockBox supports Ogg files and other open...
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    Re: The world's dumbest hacker?

    real hackers run on KDE ;)

    I remember the days of the using Elm for email...
    back in 91 or so.
    Kids will be kids.
  20. Re: What is the old laptop you have successfully installed ubuntu on?

    My latest laptop..
    Panasonic CF-72 Toughbook - Pentium 4 Mobile, 1.6GHz, 768Mb, 60GB HDD. Running Kubuntu (kde) & Ubuntu-7.10 (gnome) very well ! I also ran Kubuntu 7.04 on my CF-72 at 700Mhz...
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    Poll: Re: Do you like the default Brown Theme ?

    Not totally but remember where Ubuntu comes from. Ubuntu is changing the world of computing and it's all free! The best O/S on the planet and the best community.

    Brown is an earth tone and I...
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    Re: "Welcome, introduce yourself" Thread

    Hello, my name is Billy, I work in electronics and live in Houston, Texas and I think Ubuntu is #1.

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    Re: I apparently have no concept of "fun"...

    Spend some time playing with music with Amarok ! I mix my own old R&B CD's and have fun!

    Hang in there!
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    Re: Don't you just hate proprietry software?

    Or you could just use the Envy package for the Nvida video drivers. A bit of a cheat and your mileage may vary but it worked great for me...

    Good luck:)
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    Poll: Re: Are you proud to be a geek?

    I was in the electronics club in high school, took all the electronics classes I could and physics. I love computers, electronics and radio. I am also a amateur radio operator ;)

    But I can fix...
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