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    Re: Hold down "x" and hold your breath.

  2. [ubuntu] Re: Evolution in 9.04 can't connect to my Exchange Server

    I can confirm the same issues as the OP with Exchange 2003. In 8.10 Exchange via the OWA connector worked great. In 9.04, it gives a bad URL, username or password error.

    The MAPI connection...
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    [all variants] Re: Black type transparent desktop...

    On, there is a beryl theme modeled after DH4. There are also tips and a wallpaper to make it look like Matt Farrell's interface.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Extended desktop with desktop effects?

    What exact graphics chipset are you running?

    Edit: If Intel 965 or above, check this thread: It helped with my Dell D630 use dual screens extended...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Browsing Samba Shares Locks up System

    I have a locking issue on my laptop as well, with a cifs share setup the same way you have. If I have nautilus open to the share, I could be doing something else in terminal or Firefox, and I get a...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: RDP's hang only when using wireless

    Well, Its an old thread, and I wanted to update it as I've moved to 8.10 and have found that everything is right again.

    The new network manager allows Key index to be used for thus WEP connection....
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Vmware Workstation 6.5 On Ubuntu 8.10 Modifiers Keys Not Working

    This also affects the 2X application server client. Of all the config files I can find for 2X, I cannot find where to set keyboard maps.

    It worked fine yesterday when I was still using 8.04. Today...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Configuring Acer 6920 Hardware

    Thank you for this post. after having linux absent from this laptop for months, I decided to search and try again.

    I have sound, however, I cannot control the level from both the pad or a mixer. I...
  9. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] RDP's hang only when using wireless


    Using 8.04, I have an issue where all my RDP's to servers on the local network will freeze, and drop their connections.

    It happens with Gnome-RDP, Terminal Server Client, and also using X2...
  10. Re: HOWTO: Send and Receive Hotmail through Evolution

    UPDATE and a FIX:

    For those of you who have issues SENDING using this method, the following is for you.

    I am running 7.04 on my Tosh laptop, and had the exact same error with sending :...
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