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    [ubuntu] Re: Mmio address already in use/Slow boot

    I continue to have this problem as of 12.04 LTS. It would be nice to know what it means.

    EDIT: looks like the answer may or may not be here:...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Trackpad toggle -- what does it actually do?

    Just logging back into the forums to say -- this problem still exists in Pangolin 12.04. At least for me. Any advice?
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Theme Problems -- Moving the buttons from the right to the left

    Actually don't click "set default" just save. Set to default returns it to whatever the default was -- in my case, the wrong setting.
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Theme Problems -- Moving the buttons from the right to the left

    Just found a solution -- in dconf-configure, go to

    it has button-layout stanzas just like gconf. Set those, and click "set to default" on the bottom. Feels good...
  5. [SOLVED] Theme Problems -- Moving the buttons from the right to the left

    Hello Ubuntu Forums,

    tl;dr: I need to move my window buttons (close, maximize,minimize) to the left, PERMANENTLY.

    A long time ago, I used gconf-editor to put the buttons on the right hand side....
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    [SOLVED] Re: Restart button missing in 11.10

    Bump. I also vote for this. Anyone know dconf well enough to know how to do it?
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Running a command on wake-up from suspend

    Hey, I don't really understand this stuff, but I'd like to run a command every time the computer wakes from sleep or hibernate. Should I modify #2 in this thread and save it as...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Touchpad frozen after system suspend/standby

    I experience this issue too (ALPS pointing device, ubuntu 11.10). Any explanation on why this method works / what it does?
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Speaker and Headphones BOTH play after installing kubuntu

    Hello, it looks like I solved the problem in a way I didn't expect.

    When I installed kubuntu-desktop, dpkg asked me if I wanted to keep gdm installed or use kdm. I went with gdm.

    When I...
  10. [SOLVED] Speaker and Headphones BOTH play after installing kubuntu

    Hey everybody, I have an HP pavillion dm3, dualbooting ubuntu 10.10 and windows.

    Recently I decided to try switching to kubuntu, so I have that installed. But the first time I played music, I...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu 10.04 gets stucked after running /scripts/init-bottom

    This happens to me too -- everything goes pretty fast until init-bottom, and then i get a blinking cursor for 10 seconds or so. I've never tried the control trick yet though -- i'll try.
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    [ubuntu_studio] Midi Controllers Hardware Support?

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first foray into music production using ubuntu or using anything, so I might ask some stupid questions but I hope they are not that bad!

    I'd like to buy a midi...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Trackpad toggle -- what does it actually do?

    le bump
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    [ubuntu] Re: Disable Login Music in Maverick

    Thanks, Elycian, that worked perfectly! And thanks everybody! One half of the problem solved so far.

    I think it's very odd that unchecking "login sounds" in the login screen options doesn't have...
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    [ubuntu] Disable Login Music in Maverick

    Hey Everyone!

    No matter how many times I press the mute button on my laptop, when I turn it on I get the drums, and when I login I get the music -- at least 2 seconds of it before the mute button...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to Clean Out the system

    Hey guys, thanks for all your advice. I ended up "renewing the install" of Maverick -- I kept the /home partition unformatted and installed Maverick fresh on /.

    So far it seems like it worked...
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    Sticky: [SOLVED] Re: Laptop COMPATABILITY List.

    1) Ubuntu 10.10 Release Candidate (64 bit)
    2) HP Pavilion dm3

    3) installed without a hitch from a bootable USB drive. I've had it for three days and the only thing that _doesn't_ work is the...
  18. [ubuntu] Trackpad toggle -- what does it actually do?

    Hi everybody! I'm a long time user of Ubuntu, and I was really happy that the 10.10 RC installed perfectly on my new HP Pavilion dm3!

    There's just one little thing that seems broken. Right above...
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    [ubuntu] How to Clean Out the system

    Hey everyone

    I've had ubuntu installed on this computer, and I've updated it all the way up to Lucid from Dapper over the years. I'd like to clean out settings and old programs that might not be...
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    [ubuntu] Re: rhythmbox 0.12.5 on ubuntu 9.10

    Does the same for me in 10.04: Says "retrieving songs from music share" forever. It wouldn't even connect to a password-protected share. Are there any programs that can connect to DAAP shares?
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    What to upgrade, for newer Games?

    Hey everyone, I built this computer in 2007, when Supreme Commander was coming out, which had pretty heavy system requirements for the time.

    Now the issue is, my brother would like to upgrade the...
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    Re: Survey request and comments


    things that tie me (and my family) to windows/mac dualboots:

    iTunes (iPod touch)
    EAC (flawless audio-ripping software with logs)
    Propellerheads Reason (musical...
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    [ubuntu_studio] System Requirements

    I've realized in the past few days that I mostly use this computer for playing audio (many times online), so I thought of Ubuntu Studio, which has things like a real time kernel and jack which...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Display Depth?

    I have integrated ati graphics -- it's a laptop. However,
    $ xdpyinfo | grep "of root"
    depth of root window: 24 planes
    Does that mean display depth is 24 bit?
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    [xubuntu] Display Depth?

    Two questions: how do I find out my display depth (16, 24, etc.) and how do I change it?

    I'm trying to install f.lux, but it tells me I need to have 24 bit display.
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