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  1. [lubuntu] Re: How can I measure the throughput of Samba?

    Take a look at the "time" program. You can pop time into the background running samba.

    "time samba"
  2. [lubuntu] Re: How can I measure the throughput of Samba?

    I don't know of a command that will tell you the throughput but you can try this:

    FIll up the junk file on the exported samba drive. Copy the "junk" file to a different machine using the samba...
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    Re: dropped packets with NFS traffic

    This is a off the wall maybe answer: Is your switch up to the task? Most switches if you flood them with packets, shutdown and stop the store and forward function. It falls over to a hub that was...
  4. Re: Incorrect IP address, gateway; where is it getting this address?

    Try the commands"ip route" , "netstat -r" or "netstat -nr", and "route".

    Ubuntu can remember the default route between boots. Netplan is the culprit and is not (yet) a product for prime time.
  5. Re: iptables show website from internal and external network

    I believe you will need the "route" command. The "route" command informs the IP stack which ether card to send packs out and to which IP address to accept packets. It is fairly easy to route the two...
  6. [xubuntu] Re: How to make computer's ethernet interface static

    Google "Ubuntu removing Networkmanger". You will first have to stop and then disable the manager. Then you can use another method that used "ifconfig" and the "ip" commands.

    I would recommend...
  7. [server] Re: Looking for a program to copy the system

    There is always the old standby:

    1) mkdir <TARGET DIR>

    2) cd <FROM DIR>

    3) tar cf - . | ( cd <TARGET DIR> ; tar xBf - )
  8. Re: Editing a text file using SED or equivalent

    Use "ed". "ed" predates vi, but vi still has the "ed" commands.

    Load the interactive version of ed by "ed <filename". To print the file to the screen enter "1,$p" at the prompt.

    Try the...
  9. Thread: DNSMASQ help

    by lensman3

    [SOLVED] Re: DNSMASQ help

    I think you want a setup like "PI-hole", the DNS server that strips out advertisements to browsers. Pi-hole uses dnsmask to identify the advertisement servers and insert a, one pixel wide...
  10. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 18.04 nftables and igmp protocol

    Which application is hitting my network with protocol igmp. The nftable command is

    ip protocol igmp counter drop

    and reports the firewall using "nft list ruleset -nn"

    ip protocol igmp...
  11. Re: Regarding changing Hostname and Server name in Terminal

    The login shell is running under process 1365 and has user dilip locked. The kernel and "/sbin/init" won't let you change login files it controls. It is a form of "you can teach an old dog new...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem receiving mail with citadel

    From your mailserver machine in a test window enter:

    telnet localhost 25 #You should get an answer from your server. Port 25 is the mail port.
  13. Re: Setup Ubuntu Server as a router using a PPPoE connection

    An excellent thread. I have CenturyLink DSL, but CL's fiber has just been introduced to the area. (I am currently not using the 201 vlan tag, but I will shortly add it).

    I would suggest that the...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: No eth0 in ifconfig after new motherboard installation (14.04)

    Fishing here: Is your ethernet turned on in your bios? The new install should have found the cards i/o ports if it was turned on in the bios.
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    [SOLVED] Re: uid gid cifs or something else

    The post from 1 day ago where the group id's and user ids were matched across Unix boxes should have fixed most of it. They have to match exactly and I mean exactly. Use "ls -lan" and compare the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: NFS write speeds

    rsync is a network backup program. It has a file that is read when it is compiled that specifies which files are NOT to be compressed during file transfer. So a gif or tiff, which are already...
  17. [UbuntuGnome] Re: Simple When When I Plug in Eternet, WiFI gets Simply gets Screwed Up - Weird !

    Fishing here: Your eno1 interface is the wired interface and it has two 2001:69 IPv6 address plus the private network IP number. Could this be screwing up the router. Is your IP provider IPv6...
  18. Re: Ubuntu 14.04 stopped detecting D-Link DIR 600 wifi

    What does "ifconfig" show?

    What does "netstat -nr" show?

    What does "arp -n" show?
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    Re: wvdial & pppd connection dropping out

    This is really, really fishing but: pppoe is ppp over ethernet, which my Internet provider uses (CenturyLink). Buried at the very bottom of "man pppoe" is a paragraph that says: keep the mtu over...
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    [SOLVED] Re: NFS write speeds

    Could the "sync" option in exports slow things down. Does the client/server have to wait until a block is written before the next block is sent. async may work better.

    You mentioned that...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu Mate blocks Internet

    Sounds like you might have two devices with the same IPv4 address. One device gets most of the traffic and the other R-pi occasionally get a packet because it is the (much) slower machine.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Internet connexion does not work anymore

    Can you ping-> "ping -I wlan0" ? This is your gateway IPv4 network address from ifconfig (ifconfig doesn't need to be sudo). The -I sends the ping out the wifi port. The -I is...
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    Re: Etnernet priority over the wifi ???

    I think what you need to add to /etc/networking/interfaces is the 'metric ###' The ### is a number that tells the networks attached which one has priority. I have deleted the network-manager and I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to log on to root directly?

    Just using cross machine backup programs (rsnapshot, rsync) and figuring out which user to do non-root backups is a waste of time! I've tried to setup a non-root backup using another user (bin,...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Need to reload networking after internet outage

    This is what I use. It pings my DHCP default gateway, but you could use google for that matter. If there are no return pings then, it shuts down the current ethernet and reloads it. I load this...
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