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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Restart required for webcam to work; how to manually restart?

    Same problem here, with hp dv2600, after suspend, about half the time I get the "uvcvideo resume error 1-4 1:1 -5". Camera is listed by lsusb as "ID 04f2:b016 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd". Works...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Restore brightness after hibernation

    Ok I think I've got it fixed. I added nvidia-settings -l in the sessions>startup and changed it's order to 20.

    Still don't know why that script didn't work though ..
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    [ubuntu] Restore brightness after hibernation

    After I start from hibernation the brightness settings restore to there default values. I'm using the nvidia xserver.
    In order to set them to the ones specified in the xserver I have to manually run...
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