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    [server] setting up acl with samba

    I am new to ACL and I am trying to accomplish the following. My setup is an LXD container, it runs NGiNX on it using the user nginx and group nginx. I have the following two users

  2. [SOLVED] Re: getting an error when working with nginx and certbot

    got it. seems weird that advised otherwise, i will open a ticket them. thanks.
  3. [SOLVED] Re: getting an error when working with nginx and certbot

    I cannot get it to work if NGiNX is throwing errors and not working. I need to resolve this issue with NGiNX and then be able to run certbot.
  4. [SOLVED] Re: getting an error when working with nginx and certbot

    I am commenting it out because it will look for an SSL cert that does not exist.
  5. [SOLVED] getting an error when working with nginx and certbot

    I want to get a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate but I am getting an error in my syntax.

    OS: Ubuntu 20.04
    Webserver: NGiNX 1.18

    web configuration:

    server {
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    [server] sharing samba users

    How can I assign multiple users to a samba share? So let's say i have a share /var/www/stuff that I need to have ownership to www-data user but also to allow certain samba users to have write access...
  7. [server] odd issue with nginx on ubuntu 20.04

    I am having an odd issue starting with the use Ubuntu 20.04 and NGiNX 1.18 that comes from NGiNX's repo. So a bit of background,

    I am running Ubuntu 20.04 on baremetal that is running LXD, within...
  8. [ubuntu] Installing Samba results in errors

    I have Ubuntu 18.04 running on baremetal and I am using it as an LXD host. One of the LXD containers I am using Ubuntu 18.04 image and want to install Samba server. This is a clean install with...
  9. [server] Setting up HAProxy on Ubuntu

    So I have read the documentation but honestly without seeing an actual example of a config I am really having a hard time getting my head wrapped around this.

    I have the following setup:

  10. [ubuntu] Re: Issues with installing Kubernetes

    I have no idea what the issue was. Anyways, even after rebooting the entire server the issue remained.

    What I done was the following:

    uninstalling snap using the purge flag along with...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Issues with installing Kubernetes

    I tried it but here is the result:

    coffee@serverone:~$ conjure-up
    usage: conjure-up [-h] [-d] [-s] [--version] spell
    conjure-up: error: the following arguments are required: spell
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Issues with installing Kubernetes

    Already did that but still same message, cannot locate package.
  13. [ubuntu] Issues with installing Kubernetes

    So I have Ubuntu Server LTS version and I am using this tutorial to install Kubernetes on Ubuntu:

    But I am...
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    [server] Different sudo su password

    I have Ubuntu server with no desktop environment running, I have ssh running with permitrootlogin set to "no" i have a user that can sudo su but is it possible to require that the sudo su password is...
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    [ubuntu] FluentD installation Issues


    So I am trying to install FluentD and other components using this tutorial:
  16. [ubuntu] Digital Signage Implementation

    I am curious in implementing Ubuntu in digital signage, I saw that this was supported on Ubuntu's website but suggestions on how to go about this wasn't on there. Any suggestions?
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    Ubuntu One Question

    Does Ubuntu One have any option to create a one way backup so that if a file is accidentally deleted the file isn't deleted on the backup server?
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