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    [lubuntu] Re: 19.04 CRITICAL with GEdit

    Gedit is not a Lubuntu genuine package; so dont expect it working without some warnings like those ones.
    That said, these warnings are not show stoppers and gedit does it job (roughly)
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    [server] Re: Error -1 mounting bluray .iso in Linux?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Turn off cpufan, silent computer.

    Install lm-sensors & fancontrol

    Lm-sensors is a hardware health monitoring package for Linux. It allows you
    to access information...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Install of 19.04 from USB ends with screen of log messages

    Maybe you simply need patience to get the login screen; or is the boot process locked at some point, waiting for something ?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Hide users from user list at GUI login

    An old topic that needs adaptation (lightdm/gdm3 path)
  6. [gnome] Re: Nautilus, Gnome Terminal, GEdit won't open from dock panel or activities

    Mixing DEs is always a trouble source.
    Try first to clean the system:
    - use genuine sources/packages
    - install gtkorphan & bleachbit, then use them (bleachbit as root, carefully select items)
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    [ubuntu] Re: USB 3.0 ports not working

    you wrote "The USB 3.0 ports were working just a short time ago"
    does that mean "with 18.04.2" and with which kernel ?
    have you tested with some other (older) kernels ?
    which DE is used ? which...
  8. Re: Cromium 75 snap migrating purge the saved passwords ](*,)

    Well, i've made both logout/in and cold reboot, but still not recovered saved usernames/passwords; they seems definitively lost :o

    My default install has snapd installed, but not snap itself.
  9. Cromium 75 snap migrating purge the saved passwords ](*,)

    All the previously saved passwords inside chromium 74 and prior are lost after upgrading to 75, which is only a snap installation. The upgrade dialog informing about that new install config does not...
  10. Re: How can i get rid of this message - ACPI BIOS Error (bug)

    The boot process is checking its default hardware list, and return not found chip/bios feature (warning)

    This discussion brings some ways to work around these warnings:...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu unable to boot on amd athlon machine

    No idea about the way you have made that install :(
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Home partition - how to take full ownership of partition and all content

    Already answered ;)
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    Re: Nvidia drivers won't work

    do you see warnings or errors via 'journalctl -b' into a terminal and a rescue session ?
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    Re: Black screen after update

    If it was well working with a prior kernel, then the updated kernel is faulty: missing module ? not supporting the video codec ?
    Boot with a working kernel, then grab error via 'journalctl -b'...
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    Re: Failed to start The Apache HTTP Server.

    Have you read that related thread ?
  16. Re: Ubuntu 18.04.2 - crash with black screen

    Before failing into trouble, open a terminal and run 'journalctl -b' to grab warnings (bright line) and errors (red line); that will give you some ideas about the problem.
  17. Re: BleachBit doesnt find my Chromium application

    Latest 2.2 will do:
  18. [lubuntu] Re: Power went off while upgrade and now getting E:The package linux-headers-4.15.0-5

    you can select it and download it from:
    then use 'sudo dpkg -i ...' for installing
  19. [ubuntu] Re: "Auto Config Please Wait" error on monitor then blank - no OS

    what journalctl/dmesg says ?
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    Re: Software Updater removed old kernels?

    Apt now manage the kernel list to avoid /boot being fulfilled with outdated entries. Default is now: latest + previous kernels.
  21. Re: Kernel Upgrade - The dkms.conf for this module includes a BUILD_EXCLUSIVE directi

    Downlaod from:
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    Re: Dell Bios Settings

    Why not getting it online ?

    You probably can grab the bios boot option via F8 or F11 or similar (no Dell clue myself)
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Clean up after multiple desktop environments

    As long as i have mixed DEs for testing, and then wanted to only use one; the initial install has never worked has a pure install. Even with purging their metapackage/dependencies, i never had...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Chromium has broken click event

    Good news, got a systemd update and with the next cold boot click event is now working as expected :p

    Thanks P-IH for your feedback ):P
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    [SOLVED] Re: Chromium has broken click event

    hm ;) does gtkorphan list some packages on your system ? (mine is often cleaned, and i does not remember which ones have been purged recently)
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