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    Re: Top Linux distros in your mind

    Legitimately, Kubuntu.

    I am a big fan of the Ubuntu Flavor Family, because it is Debian Based, and the PPA system. Even Snaps work without problem.
    I also prefer KDE, and the new "Minimal"...
  2. Thread: 32 bits

    by Shibblet

    Re: 32 bits

    With emulation and virtualization technologies available, going from 32bit to 64bit should be a no-brainer.
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    Desktop Backup

    We use a program called "Macrium Reflect" for the Windows 10 PC's at the office. It works great, but doesn't have a Linux client. You make a bootable thumb-drive, and after booting into the restore...
  4. Re: Why do you choose Ubuntu but not Windows or MacOS?

    Background processes.

    Windows 10 has three different Telemetry (Sending user data back to Microsoft.) All of which can be disabled with utilities (Shut-Up 10). But there are some settings that...
  5. Re: Why do companies throw out good computers?

    I agree. However, you're using a rational thought process, and attempting to explain how things actually work.
    Rationality had no place in the discussion of saving the hardware.
  6. Re: Why do companies throw out good computers?

    Nope. He dropped them into a crusher.

    Unfortunately, there was no explaining to him that sensitive data wasn't hidden somewhere on the motherboard, or video card, or in the processor. It was...
  7. Re: In what situation is Virtualization useful ?

    I use it to run Windows 7, so that I can use Adobe Software. And I cannot get these apps to run under Wine. Plus, I am well trained with Adobe software. Learned it back before Adobe purchased...
  8. Re: Why do companies throw out good computers?

    Primarily it is because they do not understand the nature of how computers work.

    I had an employer tell me to destroy a computer once. Nice machine for Linux too. Core i5, 8g of Ram, 256g SSD,...
  9. Re: Just Scratching my head, I guess I will never know.

    Gnome and KDE have options build in that can log into your Google, MSN, and Facebook accounts (if you so choose). I'm not really familiar with Cinnamon, but I believe it is a customized Gnome3...
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    Re: Chrome Remote Desktop

    Yes. When I log in from my remote computer. The session shows a large black screen with a small window in the upper left hand corner that simply says "could not sync environment to dbus" and a...
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    Re: Chrome Remote Desktop

    The reason that I am using Google Remote Desktop, is that it works through a browser. And the computer I want to use to access my home desktop, cannot have any additional software installed on it. ...
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    Chrome Remote Desktop

    I am having a hard time getting this to work. I go through all of the regular steps to setting it up, and it works for the most part...

    The problem is when I try to remotely access my computer,...
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    Re: How to attract more people to Ubuntu

    I am a firm believer that you NEVER try to attract people toward something that you enjoy. You find others that enjoy the same thing, and harmony ensues. When you try to attract someone toward...
  14. Thread: Compositing

    by Shibblet

    [kubuntu] Compositing

    Loving the Disco Dingo at this point. Got one small problem...

    When the computer goes to sleep (Suspend), the KWin compositing is off when I wake it back up. I don't know a quick fix for this,...
  15. Re: Why is Windows still the dominant operating system?

    I hear you. Sometimes you can equate quality with price. i.e. "You get what you pay for." And if it's free, then it can't be any good...

    The best one i have heard, is that "Ubuntu is just a...
  16. Re: Why does Ubuntu have so much trouble upgrading smoothly?
  17. Re: Why I went dual boot from windows 10 pro to ubuntu 19.04

    Aughey. I feel your pain.

    Although, the dual boot world is still somewhere I tend to live, because I still have some "proprietary" software that only works under Windows. The Gaming world is...
  18. Re: Why does Ubuntu have so much trouble upgrading smoothly?

    My only issues come from PPA's that have not been updated as of yet.

    For example: Grub-Customizer PPA does have a Disco Dingo (19.04) version, but Ubuntu-Cleaner only has a Cosmic Cuttlefish...
  19. Re: Why is Windows still the dominant operating system?

    Simply put, it's not. Linux runs on more computers than Windows does, worldwide, hands down. Servers, Android Phones, etc.

    What I think you mean though, is why is Windows more prevalent on the...
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    Remote Desktop

    I have used Google's Remote Desktop on a work computer running Windows 10. This allows me to log into this computer remotely from a web-browser.

    Is there any such way to log into a Kubuntu 19.04...
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    Re: Unwise computer "improvements"


    ...and yes, I had one.
  22. Re: What computer treasures have you found outside of the major stores?

    Of 17" CRT's? Can you imagine?

    Big ol' 1.5" off white bezels. All running 640x480 resolution on my 3dfx Voodoo 3... Listening to them click through graphics modes every time I start up the...
  23. Re: What computer treasures have you found outside of the major stores?

    Many years ago, I was at a "State Surplus" auction, and bid on a 17" CRT Monitor. This was circa 1997.

    I made a $100.00 bid, and won the auction. Apparently, that was too much for others to pay...
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    Re: Nvidia vs. Wayland

    It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?

    Although, in order to get my personal settings to load by default, I have to manually create my xorg.conf file.

    What I do, is make all of my settings in the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Minimal Installation + Additional DE

    Thanks for the heads-up. I did the install last night!
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