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  1. [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 can't change/forgets user preferences..

    Can you tell a little bit more about your current setup? Is this a new fresh install or an upgrade of an earlier release? When did the issue occur and was is present from the day you started to use...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Private network over wifi

    I think what you try to explain is like the following. An isolated network for two computers only, connected via networking hardware you already have (a wireless+wired internet gateway). And with...
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    [ubuntu] Re: /dev/net/tun - No such file or directory

    Yeah I got the same on Debian Squeeze. To much more surprise of me see this:

    Jul 8 12:34:24 router tinc.testvpn[1728]: tincd 1.0.13 (Apr 13 2010 12:07:31) starting, debug level 0
    Jul 8...
  4. Re: HOWTO: Sync Nokia E-series Phone with Evolution via Bluetooth

    I have quite a few serious sync errors for my Nokia E50 device:

    Landline numbers are skipped
    Work telephone numbers are skipped

    This is happening since gutsy, hardy and still in intrepid......
  5. Re: Howto: Use BlueProximity and your cellphone for security

    First of all: great program, great how-to! Genius idea: locking pc on bluetooth signal strength. :lolflag:
    Instead of Amarok, I use Rhythmbox and I got it to work with Rhythmbox as well, so here's a...
  6. Thread: HOWTO: Maple

    by gertvdijk

    Re: HOWTO: Maple

    Great How-to. Still one problem: Maple just won't start. When I execute xmaple in the terminal nothing shows, no window, no error.
    I use Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) 64-bit and Maple 10 .bin installer...
  7. Re: HOWTO: Enable your Wacom Intous/Graphire Tablet with Pressure Sensitivity

    Great that Wacom tablets are supported in Linux, but I have one, 18 months old, but I can't find anything about it regarding Linux support! :confused:
    My model is de Graphire BT (Bluetooth,...
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