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  1. Re: Solving a Tricky Puzzle with Python (writing a Solver)

    This is the eight queens puzzle, see more information here, including how to write a solver.
  2. Re: What is the explanation of this java declaration ??

    Variable declaration. It creates an array of TrustManagers and that array contains one object of the type X509TrustManager. Of that object, some methods are explicitly defined (overridden) not to do...
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    Re: Python 2.7 faster than Python 3.2

    It is, but we're not using Python for speed.
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    Re: Fellow programmers are the best ?

    In any area of life, there will always be someone better than you (unless you hold a world record). This is just a fact of life :)
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Googlemaps display using Python in Django

    You should use the Google Maps API:

    You can then add the JavaScript code to a Django template to add it to your website.
  6. Re: Finding sequence of upper/lowercase letter with python

    +1. Easiest way to solve this.
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    [SOLVED] Re: javascript onclick array matters

    You're calling the larger_image function like this:


    But in larger_image you do this:

  8. Re: Trying to learn programming, but I don't know where to start...

    This is good advice but it's not true. I know many programmers who make a living with either PHP, Python or Java. They're mainly web developer or enterprise developers. If you want to write 'real...
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    Re: How do you guys do it?

    So how do you study? There should be plenty tutorials that explain how to create a form and how to get user input. You need to do every step of the way:

    - Create a page with HTML / PHP that...
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    [SOLVED] Re: intermediate python question

    I try to avoid eval whenever I can. In your case, you know what the argument will be so you can lookup the variable somewhere instead of eval()-ing what you get.
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    [SOLVED] Re: intermediate python question

    Are you alone going to use the code? Or are you going to distribute it to others? You might want to reconsider eval (for sure) if you are making something for others. eval is pretty insecure, in...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Any advice for a beginner?

    Just use a text editor. It'll teach you more about programming than an IDE.

    If I had a dollar for every beginner who didn't know whether a problem in the program was caused by the code, the...
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    Re: certifications -- thoughts?

    Why do you think that? Countless people in IT don't have a degree and they've made it as well. You don't want to work for employers who look for certifications rather than skills anyway.
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    Re: [Python3] Select [1] from map() iterator

    Just change it to a dict:

    data_dict = dict([i for i in map_object]])

    After that, you can do:

    if date in data_dict:
  15. [SOLVED] Re: The Most Suitable Language To Build a Search Engine

    +1 to what CptPicard said.

    Additionally, I expect a great search engine to be written in multiple languages. You'll need to develop the web-based site, the crawlers, you need to do computations...
  16. Re: [PyPy/Python] Loops in PyPy slower than in Python?

    I'm guessing it's not the loop but the lookups and the function calls to dict.get(). You should run a profiler to see which function is called the most often. When you have an overview of which...
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    Re: Any code to mark as offline?

    What do you mean "it doesn't work"? What precisely does not work? It appears you've adapted this from a tutorial so you may need to investigate further how to adapt it to your situation. Lastly, you...
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    Re: Any code to mark as offline?

    That's not the way to do it. You measure the time of the user's last activity and you automatically mark them as "offline/inactive" when X minutes have passed. So when a page is requested and some...
  19. Re: [Python] How to create datetime.time(9, 4) from a string?

    Why not convert the datetime.time to a string and compare strings?

    >>> str(datetime.time(9, 4))
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    [SOLVED] Re: [Python] Self documenting classes

    Comments should be comments. As long as you use doc strings only for documentation purposes, then it's fine. But the application's execution should not depend on any content in the comments.
  21. Re: I need a simple slide show, Displays each image file in folder

    The Image Viewer of Ubuntu can do this. Just open a folder and select View > Slideshow.
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    Re: Help - IT career advice needed.

    I would choose 2. Java is rather popular in many enterprise and web companies and it's used in many back-ends of websites. It's not a difficult language and object-oriented programming skills will...
  23. Re: Python3: How can I repeat part of a while statement until conditions are met?

    hit = 'bla'
    stop = False
    while not stop:
    while hit != 'n':
    hit = input("hit? y or n")

    # do other things here
    # check if you want to stop permanently here
    # stop =...
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    Re: Help me become a security expert ....

    If you have to ask, it's going to be hard. The best security experts have gained years of experience by investigating how things work and what makes things secure / insecure. So the short answer is,...
  25. Re: Python Example Program That Does This? Please?

    Well, I don't know an existing Python program that does that but it shouldn't be too difficult to write it yourself with Gtk. It's just a read / write function and some buttons to modify the data.
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