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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Nvidia drivers, how do I get the proprietary to work?

    AHAAAAAAA (sorry, im quite happy)

    For all those with sandy-bridge + nvidia card, go do that. It...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Nvidia drivers, how do I get the proprietary to work?

    Okay, thanks your time everyone.
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Nvidia drivers, how do I get the proprietary to work?

    I have a 540m.
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Nvidia drivers, how do I get the proprietary to work?


    I'm now considering going arch linux on this laptop too if nobody knows how to fix it :(
  5. [SOLVED] Re: Nvidia drivers, how do I get the proprietary to work?

    Okay.. I installed it from the Additional Drivers dialog again, ran the sudo nvidia-xconfig, but I get the same results. Executing startx from tty1 gave me the following error:

    (EE) No devices...
  6. [SOLVED] [sort of SOLVED] Nvidia drivers, how do I get the proprietary to work?


    After using Arch Linux for a while, I tried Ubuntu 11.04 again. Most of it was a pleasant surprise, except for the nvidia drivers. I currently have the nouveau drivers, but when I activate...
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    [all variants] Realtek 5930 drivers?


    I've just bought an ASUS K73SV-TY081V laptop, which appears to have a Realtek 5930 (wireless) and Atheros 1083 (lan) chipset. Both are not supported by default. I have found some guides,...
  8. Re: HowTo: Wallpaper Changer for Xubuntu (Xfce)

    Old thread, but people might still be using this
    I agree, reloading prevents any flickering from occurring. Also, killing the process about 5/6 times doesnt make it startup again for me. This does...
  9. Re: I call upon all StarCraft II lovers in the EU for opengl support

    Could someone please copy/paste my post on the US forums? I guess blizzard doesn't read the EU forums that often. :(
  10. I call upon all StarCraft II lovers in the EU for opengl support

    Hello fellow StarCraft II players,

    I've been loving Blizzard games for a long time. Not only for their quality but also for their great wine compatability and performance. Warcraft III and World...
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    Re: Post your CTRL+V's

    I love my guinea pig :D
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 and ATI Radeon Xpress 1250

    I'm not sure if your card is still supported, but you might want to install the restricted 'fglrx' or catalyst driver from ati. This driver can be installed by system -> administration -> restricted...
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    Re: Most Needed Game For Linux!

    Starcraft 2.
    Starcraft 1.
    Warcraft 3.

    Wc3 and Sc1 just for being native, wine makes it run better then on windows already. Sc1 had some really borked up colors on windows vista and newer, and...
  14. Thread: Mrtg

    by LoloftheRings

    [ubuntu] Re: Mrtg

    Yup, you have to install those. I think they are called something like libpng-dev, not sure though. I'm currently on Arch Linux.
    Just open up synaptics and look for the libraries.
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    Re: C open source

    Try applications you use every day, like pidgin. Pidgin is still a very complex and large program, and not really well commented (I've edited serveral parts of pidgin to meet my own taste), but if...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: No proprietary drivers are in use on this system

    Go to terminal and enter:


    This wil show the drives loaded on the right column.
  17. Thread: Wine

    by LoloftheRings

    [kubuntu] Re: Wine

    It might be easier for beginners to do it the GUI way, I'm not sure which app KDE uses but I guess it's something like add/remove software.
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    [other] Cdrom drive/cable failure?

    Hi all,

    While I was installing battefield 2 yesterday (wine), the installation suddenly froze. The cdrom drive didn't respond at all, the eject button didn't work either. I rebooted, and.. well.....
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    Re: Is Arch REALLY worth installing?

    1) What OS you used before Arch.
    Well.. I started with Windows, when I found out about Ubuntu. After using it for a while, I started switching. I tried about 10 distri when I got back to Ubuntu....
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    Microsoft Office Live

    Ok, so today I heard about this 'Office Live'. A Microsoft rival of google docs. I'm already using google docs and I love the idea, so why shouldn't I give Office Live a shot?

    Well.. This is why:...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 crash and won't reboot

    I had the same issue a year ago, it was a fairly old pc, which ran.. well.. kinda ran Windows. I tried to reinstall Windows and install ubuntu as well, but it just crashed during the installation.
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    Re: If ubuntu suddenly died

    I'd boot my arch linux installation, as I always do. I have Ubuntu installed just to see how it's developing. I've been a Ubuntu user for about a year. I'm really amazed every 6 months when I install...
  23. Re: Games that run better in WINE than Windows

    Warcraft 3 on Windows 800x600 all high settings: 60fps
    Warcraft 3 on Linux 1440x900 all high settings with anti aliasing though nvidia control panel: 150 fps

    If that ain't a clear...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: I have Ubuntu installed on my laptop, and want to dual boot windows 7 with it...

    It's indeed easiest and safest to start with windows. If you want to install windows last, you will have to make sure Windows installs on the right partition (can be confusing sometimes) and you will...
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    Re: My cooking class linux battle

    Create 5 users on your system, make them all as beautiful as you can, but they should all look totally different.
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