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    Re: Ubuntu Street Team Has Started

    This is a great initiative! I'm looking forward to see the impact of your efforts! Good luck!
  2. Re: Pending Changes to Tutorials and Tips.

    Tutorials are indeed directed towards specific niches and forums have always been the most appropriate channel, nonetheless this wiki idea has its benefits that can't be ignored, like the better...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Serial to USB adapters

    $30 seems a little too much for these cables. I bought a Sabrent a while ago and I never had any problems with it.
  4. Re: Men at Work ruled to have violated copyright

    lol! could it be just a coincidence maybe?
  5. Re: Just killin time ..what games to do you play

    I enjoy the console games...currently playing Mass Effect 2
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can I get back Vista?

    yea, if your laptop came with windows vista installed you should have a genuine cd key for it...or you are looking to save certain data from your old windows?
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    [all variants] Re: Looking for a new Laptop - any advice?

    yea, you get to choose whether you want it with or without windows and ofc it's much cheaper without.
    i also had a compaq that worket out of the box...
  8. [kubuntu] Re: Firefox not saving history/bookmarks - Resets every browser start

    watch out when killing the zombie, many of them come back to life!
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