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    [all variants] Re: looking for a lable&advice

    thank you all for your reply's
    i will have to go through these very thoroughly to learn the fine points of your suggestions

    this might take me some time
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    [all variants] looking for a lable&advice

    so i first want to find a label. what is the listed "name" for 5 hard drives, 3 running separate OS's, 1 as utility back up, and the last as "whatever" storage.
    or is there even a name for such a...
  3. Re: [Q] Dual Boot On Galaxy Note 2 ? (Android/Ubuntu)

    i also want to buy a note 2
    but i want to know is it possible to write ubuntu to the phone?

    i am wanting to completely erase android altogether and run JUST ubuntu
    i do not want a duel boot...
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