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  1. [all variants] EXT4 fails.. but no signs of hardware failure

    I was just using a quite fresh installation of 10.04, when out of the sudden the console throws a lot of read errors.

    I couldnt copy them, but i recall them to be something like
    "Error reading...
  2. [all variants] HDD fails .. EXT4 completely crashed.. but no obvious reason

    I was lately installing on a second partition (ext4). Out of nothing, i started getting Hard Disk errors in the console. (I cannot recall them, but it were the usual Error Reading Sector ****...
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    [ubuntu] Re: bash problem (cant cd to dir..)

    Nope thats not it.
    I tried without ""; with (and without) $Home ..

    Everything works, but not when i write it into an .sh file and try to run it.

    Additional info: i am logged in from an ssh...
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    [ubuntu] Re: bash problem (cant cd to dir..)

    User has no sudo rights. But its inside his homefolder-

    I set the +x permission to the dir, no difference.
    I even set the permission to 777.

    I minimized the script to this for now:
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    [ubuntu] bash problem (cant cd to dir..)

    i am clueless, no idea with google and forum.

    i tried to write a little bash script, that runs some programms.
    its okay to run programs with ./program .
    but since some programms love to be run...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Good hybrid TV card?

    *Bringing this fred up

    I want to know that too!!
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    [all variants] Re: WG311T speed and range

    This is a known problem.

    I use the Ndiswrapper & Atheros driver instead, gives me the full performance. Slightly better than in Windows even.
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    [other] Hard Disk Errors (Not Ubuntu specific)

    Lately my PC acted strange, Vista just hang up at some point, CHKDSK gave some error, i thought its just the usual Windows stuff... but during Boot even Ubuntu encountered some problem. Here some...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: How to install ubuntu on USB drive and carry entire computing system in pocket?

    I think i already posted this, but 25MB/s writing Speed is absolutely OK!
    But it doesnt explain why Ubuntu is running so slow. I guess its the Kernel, that does not access the USB Stick in the way...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: How to install ubuntu on USB drive and carry entire computing system in pocket?

    Have you tried Intrepid on USB yet (with ext3, normal install)? I ask because it felt so slow and took ages to install/update/stuff?

    Nice post Herman!
  11. [all variants] Wanted: IR / Bluetooth Control for Ubuntu

    I already tried the search, but that did not help me.

    I am looking for some remote control for my PC. And this should work with Ubuntu too, of course :-)

    Well, i do not know anything about it,...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: How to install ubuntu on USB drive and carry entire computing system in pocket?

    Well, i said i have seen PC's mounting from SD card, but connected to the IDE channel inside the PC. Here it is:

    I never heard of booting from SD as a portable...
  13. Thread: usb os

    by sofamensch

    [ubuntu] Re: usb os

    (1) You can use a LiveUSB Stick, just like a LiveCD with persistent changes. This will definetly run your linux on almost any computer, since hardware is detected on each start.

    (2) You can...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: How to install ubuntu on USB drive and carry entire computing system in pocket?

    UPdate: Sad. It is not possible to use FAT16 or Fa32 for "/" root directory, since they are not supported.

    Oh and i should probably add that i use Intrepid Alpha 4.. if u guys have no problem with...
  15. Re: Making USB Ubuntu non-persistent after changes

    As far as i know about this, you have yourself or automatically created the /etc/fstab file in that way, that it mounts the ubuntu cd iso as "loop", and you must have a second partition to hold all...
  16. [ubuntu] Re: How to install ubuntu on USB drive and carry entire computing system in pocket?

    Hurray. This Thread is perfect for my needs :-)

    My history
    Ok i already messed around with some live installation on my 1gb usb stick, but today i came across an 4gb for 9euro... i thought...
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    Re: looking for webcam
    For everyone still searching :)
  18. Re: Make Su/Sudo Script withouth asking for password

    This is the one that works great for me. Thanks!
  19. Re: HOWTO: VIA/S3 UniChrome on Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon

    Same issue here. Seems like we have almost no chance.
    But there is a way if ya got some time i guess x)...
  20. Make Su/Sudo Script withouth asking for password

    I recently wrote a script that should mount all my TrueCrypt Volumes. It works just fine but is asking me for the sudo password all the time of course.

    Now, what i dont want to do is "sudo...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Flash slow on Hardy...

    Turning Hardw Accel off doesnt change anything. See here:
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    [ubuntu] Re: Which flavor should i pick?

    if u want to go definetly sure bake the i386 one..

    there are plenty of threads around. its just a small performance increase some say to use amd64 at the moment...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: No automatic NVIDIA Driver Installation

    You will be fine too when you install the nvidia (or nvidia "new" drivers) from Applications - Add Programs. It just seems to be missing.
  24. [ubuntu] No automatic NVIDIA Driver Installation

    I just wondered, because in 7.10 the Nvidia drivers used to install themselfs, at least when you enabled Desktop Effects for the first time.

    In Hardy, this isnt the case. You have to install them...
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    Anaxis Bug? Stuck at loading

    I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this. Just got Anaxis from the Reps because it sounded interesting. WHen loading the first level, it gets stuck at 98% or 99%.

    Using Hardy 8.04 and 64 Bit..
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