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  1. [ubuntu] Aqualung doesn't work with multimedia keys?

    So I've been dabbling with using Aqualung, the best gapless player I've found for Linux. I like it, except for the fact that it doesn't detect my computer's multimedia keys. I've gone through all the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Aptitude 0.5?

    Synaptic lists every package in all of your repositories (whether you've installed it or not), then provides a nice little icon that not only tells you whether it's installed or not, but lets you...
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    [ubuntu] Aptitude 0.5?

    Lately I've been using aptitude rather than apt-get for all of my software install/remove needs. Even with the autoremove function, apt-get lags behind aptitude in terms of handling dependencies.
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    Re: Customizing Grub2 boot menu

    Great tutorial. Thanks for doing it, johns. But I've got another question to ask you, or anyone else who can answer it.

    Is there any way to set the resolution of the background image separately...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Does anyone know of a Swiftweasel How To?

    Ditto on that swiftweasel repo. I've seen a couple places suggest that same one, but it doesn't seem to lead anywhere. Anyone know where I can find a valid swiftweasel repository?
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Songbird and WMA'S.. I don't have coreGStreamerSimple- Help!

    Not quite true:

    The developers make no claim of supportng wma files on linux. And that doesn't make sense to me. I know I don't know the first thing about...
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    [ubuntu] Re: disk upgrade erased everything

    Just to make sure this is clear...

    If you restart your computer and boot from the disk before installing, then it will do a clean install and not save any of your data. If you insert the disk...
  8. Re: HOWTO: Restore GRUB (if your MBR is messed up)

    OK, so here's my problem. I'm running a dual boot with Edgy and Windows XP. Recently I started having all sorts of trouble with getting GRUB to boot properly, and I eventually resorted to popping in...
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