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    [ubuntu] Interface MTU reset to 64


    I have upgraded on my laptop to the new 8.10 release, and on reboot the network stopped working. Apparently the DHCP failed with an error message saying request too long. After debuging for a...
  2. Re: HowTo: Compiz Fusion in Hardy on cards with "ati"/"radeon" open source drivers

    Adding the SKIP_CHECKS="yes" did work for me, still I wanted to give some feedback. I have a ATI Radeon Mobility M6 and use the ati driver which is white listed.

    From glxinfo I know that:
  3. Re: HOWTO : install and use the open-afs client [dapper]

    The current openAFS version in the universe repositories is still 1.4.1. Why is that? Debian packages for 1.4.2 which solve the rlim problem that is happening with the 2.6.17/18 kernel has been in...
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