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    [ubuntu] Re: 3 Button Mouse Emulation

    +1 for GPointingDeviceSettings (listed in Software Center as Pointing Devices)

    It doesn't let you set different functions for left+right click though: it's button 3 or nothing. The only other...
  2. Re: Building a GNUstep Project in Code::Blocks

    Mainly I just want to mess about with the code.

    My understanding is that when you download the source, it comes with the native Apple stuff and also stuff for GNUstep.

    The script...
  3. Building a GNUstep Project in Code::Blocks

    I'm having trouble building the oolite space trading game from within Code::Blocks and could do with some help.

    The problem seems to be to do with GNUstep - oolite was originally written for Apple...
  4. [all variants] Re: How to set terminal default path to pwd

    If you open Terminal and then choose 'Open Tab' or 'Open Terminal' from the File menu, it will open and have the currently active working directory.

    Is that not good enough for you?
  5. [all variants] Re: How to set terminal default path to pwd

    In terminal, you can just press Ctrl-Shift-T to create a new terminal, which will have the same working directory as the original.

    Not sure how you could do the same by typing a command tho
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    [ubuntu] Re: Problem installing 11.04

    what happens when the screen flickers? does the system hang? if so, how long have you left it? Sometimes you can get weird graphics artifacts on boot up as the system switches video modes.
  7. [SOLVED] Re: Logging into windows through ubuntu's windows 7 loader

    An open source driver (driver is probably not the right word strictly speaking) has been available that can read/write to disks formatted with Microsoft's NTFS for several years now.

    Microsoft of...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Unable to boot from USB flash drive

    because the USB drive needs to be made bootable. You can do this using cfdisk with the -b option on the command line.

    An easier way would be to download unetbootin though.
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    Re: Radeon 6950 and 6970 review Ubuntu based

    you might want to PM him! These forums are very fast moving and it's very easy to miss replies to comments.

    Failing that start a new thread and other people are more likely to help you.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unity power user's guide

    I think it's great that Canonical are being innovative with Ubuntu, and appearances most certainly do matter. if all that mattered was having a stable, fast OS, then we'd all be very happily tapping...
  11. Re: Why are Ubuntu upgrades still so much trouble?

    Yes indeed.

    The way I see it Canonical and Ubuntu have accomplished so much towards making Linux ready for casual users. Shuttleworth has poured millions into development of key technologies....
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Idiot (me) needs help installing program

    Tempest - make sure you start with ajgreeny's suggestion, namely adding the PPA to your sources list (do it via Update Manager > Settings)

    This will let you install a pre-compiled GIMP from an...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: new to ubuntu ! got a lot of questions :)

    how are you upgrading hitch_11?

    Best way is to use the Update Manager (look in the System > Administration menu)
  14. [other] Re: Can anyone recomend a beginers Java book?

    JavaScript and Java are two quite different animals. JavaScript is a scripting language (i.e. interpreted line by line as the code runs) most normally used on web pages to create dynamic effects.
  15. Re: Why are Ubuntu upgrades still so much trouble?

    You have got DirectX 10 working on XP? Technically there's no reason it can't run, but MS deliberately borked it for no reason other than to force gamers to switch to win7.

    The other clear example...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Evolution vs. Thunderbird?

    I used to use Tbird all the time, but found it would lag like crazy when dealing with (local) mailboxes containing 10,000s of messages, and at work I would get mailboxes that big - most obviously our...
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    Re: Nero for linux?

    I will probably call myself a penguinista from now on, cos it sounds cute.

    as for paid software on Linux, I personally think it's good news that the platform is able to attract commercial...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Firefox 5.0??

    yes I discovered that too, however I didn't want to disable proposed just for this one app (although internet is a pretty important app!)

    Also, my bookmarks were not affected...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Firefox 5.0??

    Found out that you can run FF4 addons in FF5. Install the Nightly Tester Tools add on, then go to Tools > Nightly Tester Tools > Force Addon Compatibility

    This disables compatibility checking for...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Firefox 5.0??

    and strangely, the Add Ins Manager seems to be confused as to whether it's FF4 or FF5, as it shows FF5 Add Ins but has a big FF4 thingie at the top:
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    [SOLVED] Re: Firefox 5.0??

    I just belatedly upgraded to Natty and yes, I've also been upgraded to Firefox 5.

    A lot of add-ons seem to be OK - such as FireFTP (it's awesome), Greasemonkey, Web Developer.

    However Google...
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    Re: Radeon 6950 and 6970 review Ubuntu based

    Large easily visible Next (current page + 1) and Previous (current page - 1) buttons would go a long way to fixing this. In the end I just changed the number in the URL in order to go to the next...
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    Re: Radeon 6950 and 6970 review Ubuntu based

    Yes you've obviously put some time into that, and as well as running 3D benchmarks you've collected stats for a good number of Linux games - hey, a good excuse for playing a few rounds of each game...
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    Re: Cannot Mark File as Executable

    what I said doesn't apply if it's NTFS. That file system doesn't use executable bits.

    Either copy the folder to your linux drive (e.g. put it under ~/.wine/drive_c) where you can set the...
  25. Re: Hope this is the right place to ask for wine help...

    try from command line. in a regular Linux terminal, navigate to your CD ROM and run wine proggie.exe
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