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    [ubuntu] Upgrade? Reasons

    Hi, Have been running and learning with 9.10 since rebuilding computer. It has been the best experience and am having absolutely no issues. I hate to mess with it, is it really necessary? Ubuntu...
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    Is upgrading from 9.10 worth it?

    I am very satisfied with Karmic Koala, mostly Internet, some home banking and music used on home computer. NEVER deal with the WINDOWS garbage . My question is, is moving to new distro worth it. Been...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Toolbars missing from all windows and Terminal is blank.

    I know I am jumping in late but any ideas would be great, I used all the fixed and resolved the "white out" and tool bar issues. Only thing is it comes back on reboot even with the fix above. Did...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Cannot see terminal after upgrade!!help

    Thanks I resolved most of these issues with the link , much appreciated
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    [ubuntu] Cannot see terminal after upgrade!!help

    Seems I never get a response from these forums! Sorry if I use the wrong terms! I cannot see a terminal all I get is a blank square. Do I have to reinstall I can't see a terminal to really enter...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: cannot see terminal on screen box opens white

    I have also lost the "X" to end program in Firefox! Can anyone see any connection between these issues??
  7. [ubuntu] cannot see terminal on screen box opens white

    When I open a terminal all I get is a white square area and cannot see anything and no script at all. Been having trouble with NVIDIA driver and trying to resolve resolution problem when this...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: cannot save screen resolution configuration (ubuntu 9.10)

    Following your post I have the same issue and tried all the same fixes. I had this box on a different monitor when setting up the system and now switched to a dell LCD monitor and this issue appeared.
  9. Re: How to make the totally unsupported Lexmark X2500 Work

    Hey guy I can get all the way to the screen that says need to enter admin password but it wont accept mine, and I know it is correct, any thoughts?
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    [SOLVED] Re: Password fails on Lexmark x2600 install

    HI, I am having the same problem, so now I can see it's not that I can't remember a password. That was driving me nuts. I read one post that said the Lexmark debian set up was not a driver just a...
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    [ubuntu] Add a second drive with ubuntu

    I am running ubuntu on a 80 GB hard drive, I just acquired a new 200 GB drive. I would like to add this drive for storage but also leave space for possible windows and dual boot (although I had so...
  12. Thread: Partioning

    by ktsteel

    [ubuntu] Partioning

    I am installing Ubuntu 9.10 on a 80 MG HD following keyborad question ,says loading partioner, how long does this take, clock turning
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