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    [ubuntu] Play music on Ubuntu from remote droid

    Is there any software that will let you use a droid phone to remotely control what music is playing on your computer?
  2. [ubuntu] change Windows 7 background in Ubuntu

    I was wondering if it was possible to automatically change the desktop background wallpaper in my windows partition whenever I change it in Ubuntu.

    If there isn't a way to do that, is there at...
  3. [ubuntu] Broken links to folders in other partitions

    I have a link to a folder inside a windows xp partition. The only problem is, it only works after I access the drive through Places > IBM_PRELOAD (where it is stored). Do I have to mount the drive...
  4. [ubuntu] Auto mount IBM_PRELOAD partition on Ubuntu

    Hi. I have put shortcut links on my desktop to certain folders on my xp partition, but I can only access them after I have gone to Places > IBM_PRELOAD. How can I auto mount the partition so I can...
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