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    [xubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] LCD Brightness Applet missing.

    Great! What is the command line tool?:(
  2. Re: [SOLVED] How to: recover files from failed Wubi with LiveCD

    Get files from damaged system
    go into recovery mode and root shell
    the command line
    first list disks

    sudo fdisk -l
  3. [xubuntu] Re: Change profile picture (GDM2) in Xubuntu Karmic

    :( i put a jpg a png a user.face a .face a .face.png a .face.jpg but nothing works... what was the complete filename and extension, please:popcorn:
  4. Re: Edit PDF files and add highlighting and comments

    Try PDF Editor directly from Ubuntu software center....or sourceforge... good stuff maynard!!!
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    [xubuntu] Re: [SOLVED] Install .ttf fonts in xubuntu?

    Great! its easy, almost as easy as pie.... first, I suggest downloading/copying all fonts, such as ttf to the same folder. Then,

    sudo thunar
    :shock:. Then open your new fonts folder and COPY...
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