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  1. [ubuntu] Jaunty - Slow boot, Poss Audigy/lp problems?

    Hi all,
    Since upgrading to Jaunty (AMD64) I've been experiencing very slow boot times (>2mins). dmesg revealed:

    [ 17.872665] EMU10K1_Audigy 0000:01:0b.0: PCI INT A -> Link[APC1] -> GSI 16...
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    [ubuntu] LiveCD Remastering

    I need a bit of help in remastering the Ibex LiveCD. What I am looking to do is add in the Genealogy Program "GRAMPS" and also include a GEDCOM file containing our family history in the live users...
  3. Good news everyone

    It seems the Gutsy repos are back up, see and follow instructions.

  4. Re: HOWTO:Nvidia AGP FastWrites and Side Band Addressing

    Thanks for the HowTo. I can confirm this works on Dapper with a PCI-Express 7300GS on a DFI NF4 DR-SLi Expert board without changing any BIOS settings. Its nearly doubled my FPS in glxgears!:-D
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    Re: HOWTO: Latest NVIDIA drivers

    Thought I would post the solution to the problem I've been having with installing the latest 8756 NVIDIA drivers I downloaded from on a new install of Dapper (Beta 2).

    After the...
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