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    [ubuntu] Jquery Code not running...

    I am trying to run a simple jquery code on my linux ubuntu 11.04 pc. i am not able to execute the code. jquery is not running. please help me to find out whats the error.
  2. [ubuntu] Re: HTTPS sites not accessable on ubuntu 11.04 with solution

    ya..i got that...but i am asking..can it help in detecting...wireless connection and all? ....for suppose i am on mobile net...using nokia pc suite...can i configure this internet on ubuntu using...
  3. [ubuntu] HTTPS sites not accessable on ubuntu 11.04 with solution

    i hav the problem ...n i am having solution for it. ...i searched a lot on forum .but didnt find any proper solution for my problem.

    problem : " Cannot access some sites on Ubuntu 11.04...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Unable to access certain websites from Ubuntu

    ok. i am new to this forum. anyways if ur unable to access the sites ..ha. i had same problem. here is the ultimate solution...

    sudo pppoeconf

    n then follow command...this will set ur net by...
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