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    Cygwin: screen and emacs problem

    I run cygwin at work. Inside cygwin, I run screen and emacs.
    I keep running into the problem where I hit C-a x or C-a C-x which brings up the lockscreen in screen.
    After I get rid of the...
  2. [other] gnu screen interfering with emacs (i think)

    I'm running cygwin on windows at work. I'm editing code in emacs(-nox) under gnu screen. Occasionally in my haste to enter commands I'll enter some keystroke that blanks the screen and prompts with...
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    Gweled Bot: Closing Game Over window

    I've written a Gweled bot that plays the game for me. Currently I have to manually click the "New Game" button on the Game Over window. I'd like to automate this task for testing purposes of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: conky running but not visible, icewm

    I know that conky is running as stated in the OP by using ps. However it is not visible on the desktop. It just shows the background image with no overlay of conky.
    Although conky draws its own...
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    [ubuntu] conky running but not visible, icewm

    Conky shows up as a running process under ps, but it is not visible.
    It will often start as visible but as I run other programs throughout the day it disappears.
    My conky script grabs a background...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: SVN sshtunnel using old lan ip: where to change

    I finally found the soluttion.
    You need to use the svn switch command.
    syntax:svn switch --relocate OLD_URL NEW_URL
    e.g. svn switch --relocate svn+sshtunnel://
  7. Re: New distro, how to (re)use old home directory

    I appreciate your help jjex22.
    I suppose I wasn't completely clear.
    I didn't have my old home directory on a different drive.
    I think for the time being I'll copy individual files or directories...
  8. New distro, how to (re)use old home directory

    I'm playing with the Arch distro and want to be able to access files I have saved in my old users home directory.
    What is the best way to do this.
    Could I create a new user with the name of my old...
  9. [ubuntu] SVN sshtunnel using old lan ip: where to change

    I have a subversion service setup on my computer.
    On my old lan the computer's ip was
    On my new lan the computer's ip is
    When I issue a svn command it is picking up the...
  10. [ubuntu] No disk space left, deleting files doesn't free space

    A process filled the HDD while performing a kernel upgrade. I then couldn't graphically log in although there was a gui login (but not the normal one, the theme was different)
    I attempted to delete...
  11. [ubuntu] Ssh no route to host from a->b, until ssh from b->a

    I have two computers on a Lan.
    Both are running sshd.
    I tried to connect from A( old Dell Inspiron Laptop running Arch) to B (old P3 desktop w/usb wireless card running Ubuntu 10.10).
    I received...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Sshd -D at startup; how to remove the -D option

    I'm pretty sure that /etc/init/ssh.conf will do the trick
  13. [ubuntu] Sshd -D at startup; how to remove the -D option

    Somehow the -D option got tacked on to my sshd when I start up.
    How do I remove the -D option when sshd is started at boot?
    I'm guessing I need to edit something in /etc/init.d but not sure what....
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Bash variable substitution - single quote problems

    Thanks but I was trying to do it without using sed since bash all ready has the same pattern replacement capabilities in it.
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Bash variable substitution - single quote problems

    I thought trying to escape with a \ wouldn't work but it does

    echo ${Mens/\'/99}

    the above code replaces the apostrophe / single quote.
    You just can't use the " to enclose the variable. It...
  16. [SOLVED] Bash variable substitution - single quote problems

    How do I perform pattern replacement of a single apostrophe in my script?
    This is what I've tried to no avail.

    #!/bin/bash ...
  17. [ubuntu] Proper way to use temp file and or /tmp in bash script

    I'm wondering if there is a proper way (or just best practice) to using temp files and the /tmp directory.

    Background story:
    In a script I had been using mktemp to create temp files in /tmp....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Deleted trash icon from panels

    What options do you get when you do the right click > add to panel ?
    Mine starts off with
    Custom Application Launcher
    Application Launcher
    Brightness Applet
    Workspace Switcher
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    [ubuntu] Enable networking greyed out - solution

    I have a temperamental wireless connection that will disconnect randomly and then not reconnect without some fidgeting. I shutdown last night when I had disabled the networking to prevent it from...
  20. [all variants] Re: rm directories only, not files, when doing rm -r foo*

    I guess my lazy self was hoping for a single command to perform what I desired. It didn't want two steps to get me where I wanted to go. I didn't mean to poo-poo your help. I was just...
  21. [all variants] Re: rm directories only, not files, when doing rm -r foo*

    Thanks for the reply but I'm looking for more of a one-stop command.
    Any other suggestions out there?
  22. [all variants] rm directories only, not files, when doing rm -r foo*

    How do I delete just directories and not files when performing a "rm -r foo*" command?
    E.G. I have foobar.txt foofoo.o foorebar.jpg and foo/ foonuggets/ and footemp/ in a directory.
    In one fell...
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    Re: Things that you hate in Ubuntu

    I hate that if things *really* go wrong I have to download the iso burn it or unetbootin it to get myself up and running.
    I much prefer the Microsoft method of making you guard your OS CD (if they...
  24. [gnome] Background / Wallpaper transitions. Is Overlay only option?

    I'm trying to figure out if there are other options when setting your background transition. It seems that the default is overlay. Are there any other options? Screen,Multiply??
    Just curious.
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    Re: Script to remove old kernels

    I believe this will get the job done for you.
    It is UNTESTED since I cleaned out my extra kernels but I'm pretty sure that it works keeping the last entry in the /tmp/kernelList file. This last...
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