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    [ubuntu] Re: cannot execute binary file

    conradin, we can use the file utility to tell us detailed information about the file.
    can you please tell us the output of the following?
    file ././atomtv

    Also, we can use ptrace to follow...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Another Bash Script

    Outputting to a file is straightforward. Just do a >

    echo $file $result $linenum > ./outputfile.txt

    frep -nr derp /home/pants/Documents/path/*
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    [ubuntu] Re: Another Bash Script

    Hi dude. Could you please clarify what the task is you want to do?
    From what I understand you want to know the line number and contents of every line which matches '.htm' and other file contents,...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: How do I remove and then completely uninstall software?

    Hi dude there's a way you can do this graphically.

    Usually you'd click on Applications, and then Ubunutu Software Centre. It has the ability to remove programs, but I don't remember what it does...
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    [ubuntu] Re: installation problems

    Hi there.

    Have you enabled the 'universe' or 'multiverse' categories?

    The repositories are divided into different categories, with each having different levels of support. The 'main'...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Changed line in sources.list, now all packages think they are locally-installed

    I made an entry in /etc/apt/preferences to pin every package (*) to version 'release 10.04' and priority 1001, then did an apt-get upgrade. It then returned all packages to 10.04 versions.

    I still...
  7. [SOLVED] Changed line in sources.list, now all packages think they are locally-installed

    Hi there guys. I have an issue which is preventing my upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10:

    Initially, I upgraded to 10.04 no problem. However, I wasn't sure why the upgrade-manager didn't show me that...
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    [SOLVED] Re: system slowdown with any IO

    Amazingly, the one night I decide to seriously look at the problem, the world decides to go bananas and the issue is front page news on slashdot & everywhere else. This issue was solved by using the...
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    Re: Linux Desktop Responsiveness Patches

    zomg i have been suffering this for years! since version 7.04 came out. cant wait to try this to see if it helps me
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Solid State Disk as cache for regular hard drives?

    I understand where you're coming from Darxus. Its an intermediary cache for disk-access, not swap. You're wanting to speed up your disk access, not use a flash drive as swap.

    The idea is sound,...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Bad Performance

    Why is npviewer.bin running on its own? shouldnt it be inside firefox?
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    [SOLVED] system slowdown with any IO

    Hi there guys.

    I've had an issue with my Ubuntu system since version 7 or so and I have not been able to track it down with each Ubuntu dist upgrade I have done over time.

    The system slows to a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu can't play DVDs?

    Isnt it just a package you install with synaptic?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ndiswrapper & downloads

    Hi dude. If you are concerned with getting files out of that EXE then try the following:

    If the EXE is a Windows program, download and install WINE. WINE will let you run it and extract whatever...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: How to change startup script sequence?

    yo dude mark it as solved! ya never know who might need this in the future. (and to whoever found this from searching in google years from now - youre welcome)
  16. [SOLVED] Re: Running an installed game from another drive+op system in wine.


    try typing:
    winepath /something/something/filename.jpg

    where filename.jpg is actually a file that exists. it will tell you the wine-version of that url.
    you could go:

    cd `winepath...
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    Re: Star Trek Bridge Commander

    I love that game. Let me go find it and set myself up & see if I can run into the same issues. Im on an nVidia geforce card too.

    In the winecfg program you have some options for 'allow directX...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: Running an installed game from another drive+op system in wine.

    Hi dude.

    When you are typing out files or directories (folders) that have a space in the name, you gotta put \ in front of the space.

    Its so when you're typing out long complex stuff, it can...
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    Re: new emulation method idea


    There are emulator OSes out there. Like MAME systems and the like. Linux can be configured to be so small, it might as well be just the emulator.

    Also, this is how hypervisors work...
  20. [all variants] Re: wanted: alternative FAST thumbnail previewer

    Hey dude I know that there is a way to specify which program runs when gnome wants to thumbnail a picture (i found it somewhere using gconf-editor) but I have no idea for KDE.

    Its as simple as a...
  21. [gnome] Re: given a filename, which icon will gnome use for it?

    I think its pretty obvious. Here is a file URL:


    What is the URL for the file icon which gnome uses to display it in Nautilus,...
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    Re: I went to the shops

    getting-the-joke fail.
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    Re: Curse the user above you

    i curse compugeek32 to be banished to wherever skelletor fell to in the end of the he-man movie in the 80s.
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    Re: I went to the shops

    to rub on my naked body, and
  25. [gnome] Re: given a filename, which icon will gnome use for it?

    Just read through. This information seems to deal with specifying which icon you would -like to use- for a file. Basically I want to do the reverse. I have the file, and I would like gnome to tell me...
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