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    Re: Apt upgrade fails

    Go to /usr/src and see if you have a folder for linux-headers-4.15.0-43. If you have that folder go to /drivers/pnp/pnpacpi and see if it has a Makefile. On my system the Makefile is not...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Clean Reinstall of Ubuntu on a Dual Boot System

    If you have installed applications through the Software Centre, then use the Software Centre to uninstall. If you have installed applications/packages through the command line, then use the apt...
  3. Re: 20.04.1 is the HARDEST Ubuntu install ever

    The place to go is Settings>Screen Display. You may see options to change Resolution and Refresh Rate.

    When we install Ubuntu and check to install non-free software we get some proprietary video...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: stuff missing after upgrade to 20.04

    P.P.A. = Personal Package Archive. The person that produces the package archive has to convert it to the new release. And then continue maintaining the software in the archive. If the maintainer no...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: cannot upgrade from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04.1

    You started off correctly by updating/upgrading 18.04. What you need to do now is open Software & Updates>Other Software tab and uncheck those Bionic PPAs. They are pointing to repositories that do...
  6. Re: Where can I learn most used Ubuntu Commands?

    Most things can be done in Ubuntu using a utility with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). If a new user wishes to experiment with Ubuntu then I would recommend having a dual boot of Ubuntu with Ubuntu...
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    Re: kernel update and nvidia

    There is an active thread in the Ubuntu Development Version section of this forum on the Linux 3.9 kernel. I think those members would find this report useful as they test the 3.9 kernel.
  8. Re: Ubuntu 20.04 on a Kbook laptop Won't Install

    This wiki page is old but I am sure that the information is relevant. Note the sections called: Case When Ubuntu Must Be Installed in UEFI Mode and General Principles.
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Upgrade gone wrong 18.04 to 20.04...

    May I ask a question? During the upgrade process did it ask you to confirm the removal of obsolete packages. That is what I got and as I had Unity installed and was using LightDM as the display...
  10. Re: Existing OS not recognised by live DVD and Scroll Arrows on Ubuntu

    This is the help document. Note the sections The case when Ubuntu must be installed in UEFI mode and General principles.

    Using a DVD to install is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu not booting

    Do you get a Grub boot menu? Was Ubuntu installed on the same hard disc as Windows? You may need to enter the UEFI settings utility and set it to point to the Grub boot loader in the EFI boot...
  12. Re: Problems installing LUbuntu 20.04.1 from scratch

    This issue has been noted before. This post dating from early on in the year might help

    The Lubuntu installation guide does indeed say

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    [other] Re: Were is "cd //" documenmted ?

    The link below is from a Ubuntu tutorial

    And then there is section 3 from How - To - Geek
  14. Re: A man who saw ubuntu screen for the first time, he says ....

    Oh. My mistake. I though this thread was going to be a conversation about the merits or demerits of various browsers as candidates for default browser.

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    Re: Cannot open Ubuntu Extensions

    I do not understand what you are saying. The Gnome developers have their own ideas about how their desktop environment and user interface should look and work. Ubuntu developers do modify this Gnome...
  16. Re: Adding PPAs through your browser

    Most of what you suggest can all ready be done. A browser takes us to a web site which in turn offers to set up a PPA as a repository. Is this not what happens with Wine and the Google Chrome...
  17. Re: A man who saw ubuntu screen for the first time, he says ....

    What does he suggest should be the default browser?

    Remember, it must be Free and Open Source Software (F.O.S.S). It must also be under continual development and receive quick security fixes.
  18. Re: Can't save a pdf doc to desktop ...

    I do not think that the Gnome developers want us to have icons on the desktop. If we install Gnome Tweak tool we can enable a setting that will let us put icons on the desktop. Or we can install a...
  19. Re: How to succeed previous environment on and after new ubuntu installation ?

    I am not completely sure of what you want to do.

    If we have /home on the same partition as / then everything in our home folder is wiped out if we format that partition during a reinstallation. We...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Editing fstab

    This is what I use to get my Data partition mounted at startup.

    The UUID is the Universally Unique Identifier of my Data partition. The utility Disks will provide the UUID of your Data...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: input not supported on new install of 20.04

    I think that the input not supported message may be referring to the video range of your monitor. The Nvidia card might be outputting video at a resolution that is outside the resolution range of the...
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    Re: Errors after install Ubuntu

    Please tell us what the problems are that lead you to think that there are errors.

    That printout means nothing to me. I guess that most of us here would not know what it means either.

  23. Re: Ubuntu software center is missing

    Yesterday I upgraded from 18.04 to 20.04 and I have an icon in the launcher called Software. When I click Show details it turns out that Software is Gnome Software and it has installed Addons for...
  24. Re: Why is wireless network hardware especially hit and miss with Linux?

    They start with an actual example of the hardware. And that costs money they do not have. If there are alternative products that work in Linux then why spend time, energy and money trying to make...
  25. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS Seems To Have Failed????? Help - URGENT

    Can I make a suggestion?

    When booting bring up the Grub boot menu and select Advanced options for Ubuntu. Then select a Linux kernel with a recovery mode option. At the Recovery menu select...
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