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    Re: error "E:unable to to locate package"

    i did some more research and there is a separate WINE program for arm based processors.
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    error "E:unable to to locate package"

    Running Ubuntu kernel (armv7l) on an ODROID U3.

    Using the command apt-get in the terminal results in finding the package online but not after it downloads.
  3. [ubuntu] No longer boots after trying to partition- going over to the dark side

    After 2 years of running Ubuntu I am about to format my drive to install Windows XP to run Ableton Live. I have tried Jack audio first but after a week of messing around trying to get my UA-4fx to...
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    LAN gaming with WINE through a router

    How do I setup and play a LAN game (specifically Age of Wonders 2) using Wine? Can I do this with my wireless internet router?

    I tried searching for the specific IP address regularily and Haguichi...
  5. [ubuntu] How do you modify your X-server to display 320x200x8 resolution?

    I'm trying to play some classic X-com but the Wine box displays it as postage stamp or crashes full screen.

    Wine forum advice...
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