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  1. [xubuntu] Wifi is not auto-connecting to my network, newbie question :)

    Hi there,

    I just installed/and updated Xubuntu 10.10 on an older Toshiba Satellite laptop with a belkin wireless card.

    When I start up I get a notification that wireless networks are available,...
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    Re: Wubi Says not enough space to install

    Oh ok, I'll give that a try. I'm not sure what else I can do to reduce the size of my XP install, any tips would be appreciated. I've already turned off save points, hibernation, and the paging...
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    Wubi Says not enough space to install

    Hi there, I'm really excited about using wubi to install xubuntu onto my Toshiba Satellite 3110ct laptop. It's an older machine, and XP runs extra slow on it. Unfortunately, I can't boot from CD so...
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