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  1. Re: Brother MFC-8500 scanner stopped working randomly

    A bit more after a couple of days of searching. Following a hunch, I bet that the problem wasn't with the scanner or scanner software at all. I chased gnome-keyring down its rabbit hole.

  2. Re: Brother MFC-8500 scanner stopped working randomly

    I get the same error. Everything was working fine for a month and now the same error. Mine gives an error in gnome-keyring with the data file in the tmp directory. I'm thinking a security key was...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu software center ideas

    The problem with freedom is that one has to also respect another person's freedom. In this case, the author has the freedom to try to sell his product if he wishes. I absolutely disagree with your...
  4. Unity Global Menu sticking when switching back to UNE

    I'm using 10.04 UNE on my netbook. I loaded the Unity environment to try it out. Unfortunately, the Global Menu setting is still active when I switch the session back to UNE.

    How do I get rid...
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