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    [ubuntu] 12.04 Window Manager Crashes on Boot

    Hi All,

    After a month or two of using 12.04 Ubuntu has developed a very annoying problem. On boot it all looks ok however all of the window title bars and menus become unclickable after the second...
  2. [ubuntu] Broadcom B43 Dirver Disconnects Every 30 seconds after Intrepid upgrade

    Hi all,

    I am experiencing a very annoying WIFI bug. Previously on hardy the connection was very stable. It had another issue where it forgot the WPA PSK every time it rebooted, but once connected...
  3. [ubuntu] "Raise On Click" stopped working after upgrade to Intrepid

    Hi All,

    I have just upgraded my machine from Hardy to Intrepid and all has gone well except for one really annoying issue I can't seem to solve.

    The "Raise on Click" option in Compiz Settings...
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    [ubuntu] Re: [kubuntu] What Is Better For ME ??

    If you want to run .Net code locally in ubuntu you should look at mono. I know there is some support for but I am not really sure how complete it is as I have never used it.

    My company...
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    [ubuntu] Desktop Disk Icons Missing at Start Up

    I have Hardy Heron installed on my system. Whenever I login the various disk icons on the desktop take ages to appear, or some times they don't appear at all.

    Whilst this is happing the busy icon...
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