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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Adding hotmail & yahoo chat accounts to thunderbird 15

    They're working on it:
    libpurple is the library Pidgin is built on. It supports all the major protocols. The confusing thing is that Instantbird, where Thunderbird's chat module comes from, just...
  2. Re: How To: Add folder image / folder thumbnails like windows xp

    Cover Thumbnailer works nicely. However when I opened a USB drive with lots of movie files it completely froze my machine -- I had to reboot. So I don't recommend enabling it for "other directories"...
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    [ubuntu] Re: wammu bluetooth connecting

    You have to pair your phone with the computer first. Go to "Configure new device" in the computer's bluetooth menu. When it finds the phone, click on "Continue" and the computer will give you a...
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