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    Re: HOWTO: Install GNU Emacs with antialiasing

    Hi, I would just like to say that the link in the above post worked perfectly for me on feisty. I hope that it's description as alpha doesn't mean that it is really unstable. Will report back if so.
  2. Why 'error' when search doesn't find term?

    Hi, this is a suggestion. I think to a new ubuntu or forum user, it would be very disconcerting to search for a term (as I have several times recently) and find an error message. It does then explain...
  3. bootable usb pen drive with OS, Apps & Files?

    Hi there. I have been using Linux (Mandrake) for two years, and have now found Ubuntu (in the form of Kubuntu) and I'm very pleased with it. So much less hassle with installing new software thanks to...
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