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    [ubuntu] Re: Boot loop error msg

    Grub is easy to install from live installer or using Boot-Repair.
    With UEFI and new drive, you just about have to reinstall grub or use efibootmgr to add UEFI boot entry.

    With UEFI I do also...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Dual boot with upgrade of Windows to version 10

    Pastebin not working.

    Is this a Mac? It says partition table is a Mac.
    Do not know difference with Mac and gpt.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Broken bootloader after installing Ubuntu alongside Windows

    See line #204:

    Windows fast start up sets hibernation flag and prevents grub from booting Windows.
    Turn off fast start up in Windows & rerun grub2's os-prober.
    It also looks like you still are...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 18.04 does not see PCle SSD with SATA mode set to AHCI on Acer Aspire 7

    Many also need SSD firmware update.

    And if Windows is installed, did you turn off Windows fast start up?

    Was this using RAID 0 with two drives?
    You then have to erase meta-data on drive.
  5. Re: Problems booting Ubuntu 19.04 on Acer Nitro AN515-42

    Have you updated UEFI from Acer?
    You may have to reset some of the settings you changed in UEFI as it reverts to defaults on update.

    Not your specific issue, but maybe related:
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    Re: 16.04 will not boot

    If UEFI system, you may have fast boot on in UEFI. Then UEFI does not do any system scan & immediately boots. And you do not have time to press any keys to get into UEFI or UEFI boot menu.

    You can...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Dual boot with upgrade of Windows to version 10

    Please use code tags on longer terminal output.
    With Boot-Repair better to just post link it provides to pastebin site.

    Windows always requires boot flag on the primary NTFS partition with its...
  8. Thread: Cloning SSDs

    by oldfred

    Re: Cloning SSDs

    Are you going to keep 250GB drive in use?
    If so you must change UUIDs as you cannot have duplicates.

    UEFI or BIOS system. If UEFI with gpt GUID also cannot be duplcated.

    I find it easier just...
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    Re: Forcing System boot up

    Are you using the correct UUID in Boot stanza. The example just has some old UUID.

    You need to be using this:

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    Re: Forcing System boot up

    Nothing really to repair.
    Boot-Repair really is for repair of Linux systems. But with Windows in BIOS mode, it can install a generic Windows type boot loader.

    It would install syslinux which is a...
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    [SOLVED] Re: multiple distros

    Do not know slacko, but thought slackware used syslinux or similar.
    There is no grub4, just original grub whichis now grub legacy and grub2, both commonly called grub. Grub2 has been standard since...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: partition recoverable? or lost - Aomei partition manager

    If you recovered your backup partition with parted rescue then you should be able to recover your other partition as it would be in the unallocated space. Start & end is whatever is before and after...
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    Re: Forcing System boot up

    If system is broken and even Boot-Repair will not run that is a totally different issue.

    What error messages are you getting?

    Run these:
    sudo parted -l
    lsblk -f
  14. [ubuntu] Re: partition recoverable? or lost - Aomei partition manager

    Did gdisk show anything?

    If you had LVM that is a major complication. That would be one partition with multiple volumes inside it. But no idea how to recover from that.
    Most say then best to just...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: partition recoverable? or lost - Aomei partition manager

    Since you have gpt, and Windows often forgets to update backup gpt partition table, does this show a mismatch and then you can restore from backup partition table?
    sudo gdisk /dev/sda -l
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    Re: Forcing System boot up

    With multiple drives, I often have to manually edit boot stanza as I boot.
    My hd0 may become hd1, hd1 then is hd2. But boot drive is always hd0, even if sdd or normally hd3 is used to boot.

  17. [ubuntu] Re: ubuntu server installation and existing partition

    What brand/model system?
    Post this:
    sudo parted -l
  18. [ubuntu] Re: partition recoverable? or lost - Aomei partition manager

    Windows has had that issue since Windows 7 and thru Windows 10. It "forgets" to write Linux partitions back to partition table. But data is still there.

    Do you know partition sizes or better...
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    Re: How to dual boot Windows on Ubuntu?

    Big difference if UEFI or BIOS.
    And if hardware is UEFI and you installed Ubuntu in BIOS boot mode, you may want to think about re-installing.

    How you boot install media, UEFI or BIOS is then how...
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    Re: Forcing System boot up

    If you want to understand how the old BIOS/MBR systems boot, this is one of the better links:
  21. [ubuntu] Re: (How)can i use full ram in live mode as system drive?

    If using live system, you can edit grub (if UEFI) or syslinux configuration file (if BIOS) to add toram boot parameter. That puts the entire ISO into RAM from slower flash drive. You can only do that...
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    Re: Won't Boot, Long Beep

    To update UEFI, you typically have to go to the vendor's site & download an update file.
    Some update using Windows, some update directly from within UEFI reading update file from a FAT32 partition,...
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    [SOLVED] Re: NTFS drive mounting help

    Is Windows hibernated or need chkdsk.
    If so then the Linux NTFS driver will not mount NTFS as rw, but only read only.

    Best not to use device like /dev/sdd2, but use UUID or label. Device order...
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    Re: Won't Boot, Long Beep

    You have an UEFI system, but BIOS boot installs.
    Are you sure you have system booting in BIOS mode, not UEFI?

    If you updated UEFI/BIOS, it would reset to defaults and that would change boot mode.
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    Re: RAM available - half of it lost?

    Linux uses RAM as a cache to reload some app you recently used.

    Linux ate my RAM! - memory use cache
    Difference between Details screen on RAM and free command...
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