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    [SOLVED] Re: PS3 / Xbox 360 presets for Handbrake 0.94

    I just use the Regular/Normal or Regular/High profiles and they work great on the Xbox 360, as long as you rename the file to .m4v instead of .mp4.
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    [all variants] Able to adjust manual focus of webcam?

    I have a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema webcam which works beautifully under Ubuntu for video conferencing, but I'm getting back into stop motion animation, and I need to be able to manually adjust the...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Left 10.04 to 10.10 upgrade unattended, now stuck on grub configuration

    Rebooted, but different kernels meant different hangs in the boot process. Eventually got the recovery mode to work (took about an hour to get past a ureadahead-other error) but eventually I was able...
  4. [SOLVED] Left 10.04 to 10.10 upgrade unattended, now stuck on grub configuration

    So I set my desktop to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 then left for work.

    When I got home, the upgrade stopped with the window to configure grub.

    The only problem is, it's behind the upgrade...
  5. Unable to hide certain items in the netbook-launcher by hiding them in "Main Menu"

    I recently installed some games (Battle for Wesnoth, Pioneers) which by default add icons to the netbook-launcher for their map editors, server, etc.

    But when I uncheck them under "Main Menu",...
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    New battery shows old stats

    I had a 6600mAh battery in my asus eeepc 1000ha that was dying (down to 45% capacity). I upgraded to a 12000mAh battery, but the power applet still shows the old battery info (same design Wh, though...
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    Re: bzr launchpad-login doesn't work

    Have you made sure that you've assoiated your ssh public key with your launchpad account? Also, (can't tell by your post if you've tried multiple times) but launchpad-login should only need to be...
  8. Re: How-to Scrollwheel Effect on Logitech trackball (Marble Mouse)

    There's more info here:
  9. [ubuntu] Guest sessions missing in 10.04 on netbook

    Ever since upgrading to 10.04 from 9.10, my netbook is missing the guest session and switch user options from the upper right menu.

    It's there on my desktop install. Is there a flag somewhere so I...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Sansa Clip+ won't automount on 10.04

    I found the solution. It seems the Clip+ can be used in either MTP or MSC (mass storage) modes. When set to auto-detect, in 9.10 the MSC mode is used. In 10.04, MTP is used.

    On the device I chose...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Removing transparency in terminal

    Yeah I agree, this should be a bug. Thanks for the setting transparency to max tip though, now I can use something other than that awful transparent purple.
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    [SOLVED] Sansa Clip+ won't automount on 10.04

    I just upgraded from 9.10 x64 to 10.04 x64 on my desktop. My Sansa Clip+ (USB mass storage mp3 player with SD card slot) stopped auto mounting. It worked fine in 9.10.


    [ 56.290051] usb...
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    [other] Re: Uninstalling calibre

    Thanks a bundle. Next time, no more "custom" install apps. Sticking to the package manager.
  14. [all variants] Re: Backing up encrypted home in 9.10 with rsync+ssh?

    It looks like the answer may be here:

    All you need is your "mount" passphrase. You should have saved it somewhere safe when you fist...
  15. [all variants] Re: Backing up encrypted home in 9.10 with rsync+ssh?

    Yeah, I've just been backing up everything under /home/.ecryptfs on all of my machines. The files are encrypted and so can be put anywhere, though I've still yet to explore the remounting scenario.
  16. [all variants] Limitations of using encrypted home option on server?

    I'm setting up 9.10 server and have some questions about the encrypted home folders.

    When I select the option to use encrypted homes, does that mean that future users will have encrypted homes...
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    Re: Post your Linux Netbook experience.

    I installed Win7 on the netbook, and it looked/worked great, but then for kicks I decided to replace it with Karmic UNR, and all I can say is holy #$#$%@#$. It looks gorgeous!

    That's it! With the...
  18. Re: Blatant security flaw much?

    It's a matter of options, gnome-keyring giving you the option of saving certain passwords for convenience. Issues arise when people either explicitly tell a program it can save the password, or when...
  19. [all variants] Backing up encrypted home in 9.10 with rsync+ssh?

    So, I've installed 9.10 UNR on my netbook, clean, using the encrypted home option during install. I want to use rsync+ssh to backup my files securely to a remote server.

    I see that ultimately,...
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    Re: Post your Linux Netbook experience.

    I ran eeebuntu 2.0 on a 1000ha very successively as my main machine for a couple months. Battery life wasn't as good as under Windows, but the machine was way more useful. Had issues with flash...
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    Re: HOWTO: Persistant DNS Caching with pdnsd.

    This is all I did in Jaunty, without any config file editing.

    Quick Summary:

    sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf.bak
    sudo apt-get install resolvconf
    sudo apt-get install pdnsd
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 7.10, Laptop, Encrypted, HD Upgrade

    I was hoping this was possible. I have a dying HD and need to upgrade it (same deal even: 80->320). Looks like I need to get to work!
  23. Re: Are there any good contract bridge games in linux?

    Try EasyBridge:

    It's old windows freeware, but it runs great under wine.

    I can't really judge how powerful the AI is (I'm a beginner so I lose...
  24. [ubuntu] Moving from Gutsy to Intrepid, Copying SSH/PGP keys

    I am currently running Gutsy 64bit on my desktop, and just bought a laptop that I'm going to install Intrepid 32bit on, and use as my primary computer. (I'm going to re-purpose the desktop as a media...
  25. Re: Private python variables (specifically lists)

    I'm not sure what I want. ;)

    I'm not sure which is more expected of a Python class that stores a collection of items and needs to maintain the validity of the items stored.

    Is it more expected...
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