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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu Software versus APT GET

    Synaptic shows EVERY available package, and categorizes them as to type. It was once a part of every Ubuntu release, but now you have to install it. There is a way to add a Quick Search box, which...
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    Re: Graphics chip risking damage?

    If the game runs fine for you, it runs. Power supplies have to supply power to the hardware, and that power varies as to how hard the CPU and GPU, and memory have to work.

    Running very demanding...
  3. Re: Ubuntu stopped auto mounting internal hdd

    Sometimes the magic works:p, and sometimes the magic doesn't work](*,).
  4. [ubuntu] Re: S.M.A.R.T. Data Conundrum. Opinions Please.

    Cables will fail before most hard drives. A cable which is never moved, and is in only one position, can still fail.

    Always, always, ALWAYS suspect connectors FIRST!
  5. Re: Freezing of Mouse in Ubuntu Mate 19.10

    Millions of Linux users use the amdgpu drivers with no problems, FWIW.
  6. Re: Looking for "be evil" games? Look here

    In Tyranny, the evil warlord has already conquered the continent save for one province, and you portray an emmisary of that warlord. You can be nice, or you can be pretty evil.

    And, all the Elder...
  7. Re: Can I sleep or hibernate on a Macbook (late 2013 laptop)

    What happens when you close the Macbook? That's pretty much the universal sleep command.
  8. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Desktop strangeness - no mouted volumes

    Oh my, yes. Every M$ OS fragments files; in other words, it tries to fill up space by putting small pieces of each file wherever they fit. This greatly slows down read times, as the drive head moves...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu asking for password......

    The simplest solution would simply be to reinstall. It'll take far less time than finding the wonky problem that you have's solution.
  10. Re: Sudo won't work, Graphics drivers can't install

    The built-in open-source drivers work very well, and, AFAIK, few Linux Radeon gamers even look for or use them.

    Were the framerates that low, that you needed other drivers?
  11. [lubuntu] Re: PC won't boot from lubuntu iso bootable disk

    Glad to hear that. A bootable USB is far faster than an optical disk.
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    Re: rsync doubt

    Personally, I use grsync, which, although the progress bar is useless, because it always uses the proper switches. Never had a problem at all.
  13. Re: Best way to share docs between desktop and laptop?

    Personally, I just email, with attachments, to myself. Works just fine, for a few files.

    A USB thumb drive would likely hold all the files.

    Just trying to KISS.
  14. Re: Why does Ubuntu work so well on my Thinkpad T495?

    I don't regret using Manjaro at all; I'm even using the Testing repositories. Arch's "stable" packages are Manjaro "testing" packages.

    Using those repos for about 5 weeks, and nary a problem.
  15. Re: Why does Ubuntu work so well on my Thinkpad T495?

    I have a 7-year old Dell Inspiron, and every distro I have tried has run like a top. I don't use Ubuntu any more, because Canonical has removed, over the years, a number of utilities (exfalso,...
  16. Re: Why does Ubuntu work so well on my Thinkpad T495?

    I have a 7-year old Dell Inspiron, and every distro I have tried has run like a top. I don't use Ubuntu any more, because Canonical has removed, over the years, a number of utilities (exfalso,...
  17. Re: I cannot cd into a dir as normal user ?

    The recommended way to edit system text files (at least AFAIC) is nano.

    sudo nano /etc/default/grub
    For example. Nano does not use standard commands, but every command is on the margin of the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Gimp locks up the entire system

    Use this:

    sudo apt install htop
    This very useful utility is the old top command on steroids. It has easily-selectable between CPU and MEM, or other displays. It is the very easiest way to kill an...
  19. Re: Hard drive crashed after Ubuntu update?

    The cable is the first thing to check. A lot of electronic problems are caused by cables failing. In other words, blame the connectors FIRST!

    Even cables which have been in one position and not...
  20. Re: Slow Steam Game Download in Ubuntu 18.04

    I had an Amiga back in the 80s. I was about the first person to have one in my area in 1986, and about the last person to still be using one in 1996. I loved AmigaOS, which was inspired at least by...
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    Re: install Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060

    You have an ATI card. Superb drivers are already part of the system. In the old days, nVidia was the choice with their closed-source drivers, which beat the open-source Noveau drivers for NVIDIA all...
  22. [all variants] Re: Looking for a linux operating system that will run on a windows XP built in 2003

    Also, old memory such as that old deck has can probably be procured cheaply, and I do mean cheap, to make everything run a lot more smoothly. The 3.64 or whatever amount of RAM that a 32-bit CPU can...
  23. Re: Mounting a USB drive to a folder on another drive.

    When installing, you could mount an external drive as /home, but it almost certainly will be slower than an internal drive.

    It can be done otherwise, but, seriously, I'd reinstall myself.
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    Re: Simple New Dual Boot Idea?

    The biggest problem with dual-booting Windows and Linux is that one of the self-rebooting "updates," because "Windows cannot update files while they are in use." The boot sector can be overwritten,...
  25. Re: Slow Steam Game Download in Ubuntu 18.04

    I did say goodbye to Canonical and moved to Manjaro, and, well, it's better and faster than a Debian-based system.

    I'm still here, of course, but Manjaro is my permanent distro from now on. It,...
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