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    [ubuntu] trying to get to usb

    How do I get to usb so I can get info off a broadband turbo stick I went to wiki and some solutions seem to asume I have an icon of my broadband on my desk top, I do a lsusb and it sees my stick and...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    i inswtalled 12.04 on 1 laptop about 1 wk ago still messin with it. It seem pretty good so far but like i said still trying to tweak it so it works for me.
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    [ubuntu] usb mobil internet stick

    I am a new born when it comes to ubuntu never played with it ever I have a bell mobility internet stick when I type lsusb it see it but won't accses it I also have a verizon stick it see that one...
  4. Sticky: Re: Welcome to the Forums - Introduce yourself here

    Hi all, name is Tom just put ubuntu on my lap top now I am stumped I guess I need to buy a book any suggestions, never played with linux before all knew to me also I am a guy and we don't read the...
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    [all variants] Re: "Live" USB to CD/DVD.

    if i want to load programs into ubuntu will this work if I can't get an internet connection and are most files iso? i am knew at this ubuntu my learning curve right now is straight down lol
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