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  1. Right Click Dash Launcher for Classic Menu

    Hi. I am working on a new spin of Ubuntu, based on 16.04 with the Unity desktop, with some UI tweaks. Most of it is simple stuff but I would really like to find a way to include a classic...
  2. Re: Chromixium - new Ubuntu based ChromeOS 'clone'

    Thanks for the replies. I am checking out that other forum now.
  3. Re: Chromixium - new Ubuntu based ChromeOS 'clone'

    I was thinking, it would be cool if support for android apps could be native to this distro in a future release. There is a way to run android apps in Chrome/Chromium using something called Archon. ...
  4. Re: Chromixium - new Ubuntu based ChromeOS 'clone'

    I love this distro. I have installed it, and have been using it on a dedicated machine. Here are some tools I am playing with in order to enhance the experince. The first is Grive Tools, which is...
  5. [SOLVED] Installing Brother Priners and Scanners Just Got Easier

    Brother has been great when it comes to providing GNU+Linux drivers in the past, and that continues with a new all in one "Driver Install Tool", that makes using your device with linux into a real...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Rainmeter for Linux??

    conky is good and all, but i would like someone to port rainmeter to linux... it is much better, can do just as much if not more, and is better for beginners.... it is much easier to configure than...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Web Browsing as ROOT

    Thanks DangerTux and Hungry Man. If I make a mistake about something, as I had in my initial post, I am glad that someone let me know.

    I know that everything in my initial post, I've read in...
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    [SOLVED] Web Browsing as ROOT

    I would like this thread to be as accurate and complete as possible. If I make a mistake or leave out something, please post it.

    I have rarely if ever seen the specific reasons precisely why one...
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    Re: How to install fonts in Ubuntu?

    the easiest way to install a new font is to download the font file of your choice, from for example Font Center has a lot of goodies, and that...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: HOWTO: install Brother printer drivers in Ubuntu 10.04 or later or Mint 11.

    thanks... btw this is a gui tutorial... for the terminal, refer to and this should hopefully help. i couldnt find my specifics in synaptic...
  11. [SOLVED] HOWTO: install Brother printer drivers in Ubuntu 10.04 or later or Mint 11.

    [solved] HOWTO: install Brother printer drivers in Ubuntu 10.04 or later or Mint 11.

    No worries. With the help of some very nice people on IRC this was easy as pie :)

    edit: i think i...
  12. Re: Installation: Could not apply changes! Fix broken packages first.

    I had a similar issue and this helped me; I believe this will solve your problem:

    First, go to: ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Comcast xfinity

    i am using firefox 6.0, but if you are using an earlier version, i think this might work:

    Moonlight is the Linux Alternative to Microsoft...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Comcast xfinity

    i have a similar situation. My guess is that the reason it is different is because of the time elapsed since your problem. I am running dual boot, Ubuntu Lucid and Windows 7 Home Premium.In windows...
  15. [ubuntu] Embedding audio visualizations?

    There has GOT to be a way to use the visualization plugins (that are used in Rhythmbox, Totem Movie Player, etc...) for desktop screenlets or GNOME Panel Applets or some way to embed them. I know...
  16. [SOLVED] Re: "Waiting for sound system to respond" problem, Ubuntu 10.04

    i too was having the same problem when loggong into my defaut user, and after trying a million different things i found this thread, and i am glad i did! i too went into the home folder, viewed...
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    Re: Ubuntu 10.04 bridging connections

    i agree. i have been an ubuntu user ever since hearing about it and picking up a book called Ubuntu: Unleashed at my local library, which included a live bootable dvd. That was for version 8.04,...
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    Re: Is Ubuntu for You?

    Hi. I'm chris from philly if we never talked before. I just wanted to add a post here because i saw this and thought it was a great idea for a thread. Linux "137'S" used to be such smart asses to...
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    Re: The Off Topic Game

    i am so annoyed about the handling of the gulf oil spill. more angry than annoyed. instead of cleaning up the oil and "plugging the damn hole" we have Resolution HR-whatever and all this crap. ...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu not loading, can anyone help me?

    i put it in and got this:

    fdisk: invalid option- '1'

    Usage: fdisk[-b ssz] [-u] DISK Change Partition Table
    fdisk -l [-b ssz] [-u] DISK List Partition...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu not loading, can anyone help me?

    oh and also i tried restarting in recovery mode, and i got a whole bunch of white text on a black screen and at the end was basically the same thing, and then... nothing. pressing enter does...
  22. [ubuntu] Ubuntu not loading, can anyone help me?

    after a fresh install of ubuntu karmic, it worked for a little while, untill after using the update manager to get up to date, after which i restarted as required, and the computer stopped on a black...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: EASE HEL- my laptoop is a black screen with a dark blue bloob

    in case anyone cares, i have determined that this must be a hardware issue. when i turned the computer to the left and prop a pillow under it, the probem is resoved. i was wondering is anyone coud...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: EASE HEL- my laptoop is a black screen with a dark blue bloob

    not good... first i checked the disk for errors and it said all was good, so i chose try without installing and then when i got to the language screen it happened again. it was like the screen...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: EASE HEL- my laptoop is a black screen with a dark blue bloob

    after installation it worked fine for a few hours and then this happenned. right now its not doing anything except for that weird screen right after pressing the on button, the first thing i see is...
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