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    Re: Gazelle Reviews Wanted

    I've got a Pro8, one year ago. I'm satisfied with tit except for one thing: at the left side of the touchpad, where the left palm rests, it gets uncomfortably hot. It can not be used if you don't...
  2. Re: Gazzelle Professioanl + mSATA ssd overheating

    Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6235 (rev 24)
  3. Re: Gazzelle Professioanl + mSATA ssd overheating

    I have the same issue and even with a laptop cooler, my Gazelle always gets hot where I rest my left palm.

    It's simply annoying.

    The only thing that have helped me, is that the shortcut Fn+1...
  4. [ubuntu] Mouse not recognized in USB port, but it does work through a hub in the same port


    (ubuntu 13.04)

    If I connect my mouse in one USBv2 port on my laptop, it does not work. This is the output I get from dmesg:
  5. [ubuntu] Help me choose a processor for a Gazelle Professional


    I'm currently using a mid-2010 Macbook Pro with a i7-620M. I'm decided to buy a Gazelle Professional but I'm not sure how to compare the processors available, I mean (even if it sounds...
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