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    Re: I am Ubuntu user since 5.04

    Is this a Riddle? I am very bad with riddles...

    But now that you mentioned you have been on Ubuntu for six years, I would be interested in hearing your opinion about where do you see the OS going...
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    Re: Free Software is Like Mathematics

    I don't understand this statement, the relation "is like" (think, approximately equal) is REFLEXIVE in my opinion, if A is like B, then B is like A.

    The point to remember is that not all...
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    Re: suggestions in replacing OpenSolaris

    Thanks guys; this has been useful.

    Honestly I still have a tough time accepting the fact that Oracle dropped OpenSolaris's opensourceness... what does that mean? that any advances made by the...
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    suggestions in replacing OpenSolaris

    Hi Guys,

    Just curious if you would have any suggestions for replacing OpenSolaris in my home-server. I have been using it for six months now, with almost uninterrupted online-ready (thanks to an...
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    Re: Can I support Ubuntu commercially?

    For me the main difference is whether you want to sell your services claiming to be "certified by Canonical" or backed up by Ubuntu developers or simply backed up by your personal reputation and some...
  6. Re: When using open source makes you an enemy of the state

    Just a couple of thoughts.

    1) Being pro-open source is no excuse to take a propietary code, "break it" and make it open from that moment on. My impression is that the article is mentioning such...
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    Re: Adobe Air Internet Applications

    Well, call me boring, but for me New York Times reader.
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    Re: Linux comparisons

    I think I agree in principle but reality is very different. I think that for most people actually coding to modify a piece of software or to build it from scratch is literally infinite.

    In any...
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    Re: Linux comparisons

    One could argue that a key missing ingredient is "quantitative measures" on which one could argue the superiority of an OS over other. For example, typical IBM AIX/Power and Microsoft Server product...
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    Re: New COO at Canonical/Ubuntu

    I welcome the move as long as it takes the issue of "making money" to the forefront of ubuntu's next cannot live of Shuttle..'s money!
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    Re: Mainstreaming Linux

    Well, last time I checked Apple was VERY profitable!....I don't see establishing an almost captive audience (designers, musicians, fool-proof experience addicts) as a negative thing.....

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    Re: Do you like KDE?

    I think this is better suited for The Community Cafe...
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    RedHat trying to "scare" Solaris users?

    I ran into this email advertisement from red hat,
    "Even if Oracle completely embraces the platform and provides the investment, commitment, and expertise in future revisions that customers require,...
  14. Re: am I misunderstanding the meaning of opensource?

    interesting...for instance, I remember a few months back there was this "rumor" that google used internally their own version of ubuntu (googlebuntu?).... if they actually modified the OS to their...
  15. Re: am I misunderstanding the meaning of opensource?

    Thanks for all your replies. For sure licenses are complex objects that business should pay attention too. I just thought that the article provided a disservice to the potential opensource users,...
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    Re: better not to know

    although ubuntu is also used by people trying to rescue aging hardware; as you said, a bare minimum of funcionality should be a pre-requisite...

    btw, is that you on the horse jumping? very...
  17. Re: How piracy would work in cloud computing era?

    As in linux each process gets assigned a PID, say you buy cpu time in a cloud, hackers will try to disguise their processes using your process PID number....
  18. am I misunderstanding the meaning of opensource?

    I recently came across an article on "The Economist" a magazine I normally respect for their work, but in this piece about EU blocking Oracle-Sun deal it says:

    "Although MySQL and its underlying...
  19. Re: Some academic sources for basic Linux facts.

    I guess "I don't need no stinking" academic references to know that linux shines 24x7... :D

    I guess the Computer Science people in these forums taking Operating System courses are your best bet....
  20. Re: Cloud computing; is it bad news, and do you trust your data with strangers?

    New ideas are always received with some healthy degree of skepticism (sic), but I think that looking at companies actually using cloud services now, we can get an idea of whether it is possible to...
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    Re: AMD makes Intel pay through its nose

    A central point is what type of contracts you can offer to your seems that in US you cannot write a contract that says.."you cannot buy from anybody else in order to get this...
  22. Re: if only Madoff's programmers had developed open-source

    Well, it would have been SEC-approved money..!
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    Re: Things that annoy me.

    the only think to be annoyed by, is Annoyance itself?
  24. Re: Cloud computing; is it bad news, and do you trust your data with strangers?

    Why the *sigh*? ..too tired to hit copy-paste? what is next, write it on your blog and link it to your signature?...I might be particularly impatient today, but I don't think this follows the spirit...
  25. Re: Cloud computing; is it bad news, and do you trust your data with strangers?

    I can perfectly picturing thinking of your students as "dumb terminals"...

    but more seriously, revealing you are instructor does not make it better than you patronize people around fact,...
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