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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Bluetooth stopped working. ASRock DeskMini A300

    another and last update.
    Both the keyboard and mouse are now working, every time i rebooted something would start working, first the keyboard and then the mouse. Strangely the keyboard works with...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Bluetooth stopped working. ASRock DeskMini A300

    An update. this morning (after being switched off all night) an improvement, now in settings>Bluetooth Bluetooth is switched on and 'Bluetooth Keyboard' is shown as disconnected, Blueman after going...
  3. [ubuntu] Bluetooth stopped working. ASRock DeskMini A300

    Ubuntu 19.10
    ASRock DeskMini A300

    Bluetooth was working but after a app crash (0 A.D.) Bluetooth stopped working (both mouse and keyboard).
    I’ve only recently started using Ubuntu (was...
  4. Re: installing a program not in 'Ubuntu Software' ?


    echotech2, your a hero, that worked, Jarva now works and Amok EXIF Sorter runs.

    I think I've only once had to use the keyboard tab key to get a Terminal to continue and that...
  5. Re: installing a program not in 'Ubuntu Software' ?

    did that, went through a in terminal routine which was successful until this (image) popped up, clicking ok does nothing, scrolling to the bottom of the text reveals/does nothing, there seems to be...
  6. Re: installing a program not in 'Ubuntu Software' ?

    unfortunately i'm still stuck

    have done the first part ok, the second part, I cant find the java runtime, it does not seem to exist ?

    when i run 'sudo apt install synaptic' it goes so...
  7. installing a program not in 'Ubuntu Software' ?

    How do install a program/app that is not in ‘Ubuntu Software’ shop/store.
    I've downloaded Amok EXIF Sorter (64x Linux version), its unpacked in ‘Downloads’

    I’m running Ubuntu 19.10 desktop.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu on a DeskMini A300 ??

    thanks for the replys - i didn't get any email notifications and thought no one had replied.

    Yellow Pasque, i had read that some graphic stuff might not be fully supported,...
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu on a DeskMini A300 ??

    It looks like my precent PC is acting up and generally getting a bit old and its PC upgrade time :)
    Also, Its probably about time i totally dropped W10 and made Ubuntu my main (or only) os.
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    Re: device for bootloader installation

    Hello and thanks

    Apology for the delay in getting back to acknowledge answers, i did read, they did *help
    I now have Ubuntu dual booted and the grub is working and W10 isn't screwed :) Happy...
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    device for bootloader installation

    Installing Ubuntu on to a second SSD, a few questions.

    I have W10 installed on one SSD, this is at the moment my operating system.
    I have installed a second unformatted 60gb SSD.
    I have...
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